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How to clean a dog’s teeth without brushing

How to clean a dog’s teeth without brushing

You should often clean your dog’s teeth daily to maintain and care for his oral health. Because his mouth isn’t always that clean, and this may result in bad breath. And sometimes brushing is not best for you or your dog’s teeth. Or maybe your dog is the type that is always finding it difficult when it comes to brushing his teeth and won’t allow brushing often enough-if at all.

What other way do you have to keep those teeth whites and healthy, clean, and looking good without brushing?. There are ways and options to consider, from chewing to spraying. Either way, always make sure you are cleaning those teeth often enough to avoid any teeth problems later.


Here are some recommended steps on how to clean a dog’s teeth without brushing         


Dog teeth cleaning wipes are a much easier way or method to clean or wipe your dog’s teeth in place of brushing. Some dogs get uncomfortable with a strange object in their mouth! but With wipes, it is essentially just your finger, making it easier and safe for your dog.

Of course, with it just being a wipe, there’s are smaller “drag” off of plaque. But there are so many dog dental wipes that are approved by your vet or pet doctors Meaning they can surely get the job done.

2)  SPRAYS AND GELS (Ways to clean a dog’s teeth without brushing)

Spray and gels are another way to clean your dog’s teeth without brushing his teeth. Sprays and gels are used directly into your dog’s mouth. generally, it either you spray or apply and rub it all over your dog’s teeth and gums.

Sprays are a lot easier to use than gels for rubbing it all over your dog’s teeth without using your hands. Akin to the wipes, there isn’t much going on in regards to scraping or rubbing off plaque or tartar. Instead, the ingredients work to soften the plaque and tartar. That means the sprays and gels should be used in conjunction with regular teeth brushing.


3) COCONUT OIL (Ways to clean a dog’s teeth without brushing)

If there’s an illness or infection coconut oil can’t solve, someone please let me know. Coconut oil can help with your dog’s bad breath and dental health issues. Let me be upfront on this one. There isn’t much in the way of dog-specified research to back up some people’s assert of coconut oil and oral hygiene. But, it is trusted by many pet owners

Yes, of course, many dog owners use it as toothpaste for cleaning their dog’s teeth. But, it can be used as general can use it as a general additional to food instead of toothpaste.

As they eat, it can help break down germs and coating on your dog’s teeth. In addition, it can also help in removing bad breath and a host of other bacteria in your dog’s mouth

4) CHEWING OF TOYS (Ways to clean a dog’s teeth without brushing)

You may likely have a toy or two in the house. You should chew manufactured dog toys like bone, treats, and toys designed to meet the chewing need of our dog and can get some easy help in cleaning your dog’s teeth.

The continuous chewing will help in scraping off plaque and will help keep your dog’s mouth free of germs. The main disadvantage of chewing toys is that for larger breeds of dogs or power chewers, it seems like you will be buying a new one every other day.


5) DENTAL TREATS (Ways to clean a dog’s teeth without brushing)

You may have come across the word Greenies. Those are beaten as the (original germ-fighters, obviously) of dog’s dental treats. They (and others like them) are made with specified ridges and grooves to help scrape off plaque and tartar. When your dog chews on them, their teeth “sink into” the chews and scrape as well.

6) WATER ADDITIVES (Ways to clean a dog’s teeth without brushing)

Water additive is the number one non-brushing tooth cleaning solution for dogs. Water additives -ins is a liquid that is added to your dog’s daily water container. This water additive contains an amino acid chain that helps break down plaque and tartar.

You should simply add it to your dog’s water and the solution will end up in your dog’s mouth as they drink water.

7) DENTAL TOYS (Ways to clean a dog’s teeth without brushing)

Similar to dental treats, dental toys are made particularly for helping to clean your dog’s teeth. They often have particular ridges and trench that are special for helping to scrape off plaque and tartar. Think of it as a dog’s toothbrush toy. It may sound good in theory, but analyses are mixed on the success of cleaning teeth. Plus, if you have a power chewer, they may destroy the toy.


8) HEALTHY FRUITS, VEGGIES & TREATS (Ways to clean a dog’s teeth without brushing)

Before you doubt the capability of healthy fruits, veggies, and treats for cleaning our pops teeth. Regardless of its carrots, watermelon, or sweet potato treats, they carry the benefits of cleaning your dog’s teeth.

The more healthy and natural the food our dogs eat (just like us humans), the stronger and healthier their teeth will become.

sadly, many dogs’ treats out there are made with sugars, syrups, and other sweet ingredients. So, be sure to find healthy and natural treats for your pet! some veggies, like carrots, can be frozen to strengthen your dog to have to chew on them to eat. It may not do loads for taking off plaque, but every little bit of it helps.


It is similar to bone chew. Dog chew is a healthy and tasty way to clean your dog’s teeth without brushing his teeth.

Whenever chew is mentioned am talking about things like yak cheese chews oppressor sticks, beef cartilage, and other similar things. They’re generally made from natural and simple ingredients, are not consumed too quickly, and make your dog chew. Chewing and biting are important for a dog’s mouths and teeth.



If brushing isn’t your dog’s special hobby, he is not the only one passing through such a problem. But his teeth can still be pearly clean again with the help of natural cleaning products. You won’t have to regularly clean is teeth. you should always keep your best friend’s teeth healthy and strong.

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