how to clean a dog collar

How to Clean A Dog Collar.

If you own a dog, it’s very important to know how he acts, if he likes to play around or likes to splash around the pool. After having fun at the beach or in the yard you should wash your dog you should also wash its collar too. Knowing that your hairy best friend has a clean collar will ease your mind.

And also, if your dog is always sleeping on a couch or in bed living room, or in a bedroom with a dirty collar the couch or bed is likely to be dirty as well. Also, washing or cleaning your dog’s collar frequently is needful to ensure your dog doesn’t have a smell following him around wherever it goes.

Furthermore, leaving your trash, dirt, or water on it for certain periods of time can generate a complete environment for bacteria. Here are some regular questions asked about the cleaning of dog collars:

Can I wash my dog collar in the washing machine?

This is a question that many have been asking themselves on a daily. Not all materials are fit to wash in a washing machine. Some are too small can fall apart or spoil if you don’t use the actual settings. The best way to wash a dog collar is by hand still. If you have a busy scheme like most of us, taking at least 20 minutes out of your day to do it just isn’t useful.

Using the washing machine is also fine as long as you wash with cold water and a gentle setting. It is also normal to use a garment bag when washing so it stays protected from being recoiled wildly around the machine.

What’s the best way to clean a nylon dog collar?


If you’re thinking about how to clean a synthetic fabric dog collar, using the washing machine is a great idea. Using a cloth or a delicates back to protect your dog’s collar when washing.

You can also wash synthetic dog collar using hand. When using your Hand to wash your dog collar in the sink with light detergent or soap should do just fine. Make sure to place your collar flat to dry after washing.

How do you clean a leather dog collar?

A leather collar is a very sensitive material that can get scratched when washing with the machine if you’re not careful. So Washing it with the hand is safer. Here’s how to wash it properly:

1. You should remove any dirt, you can also mix a little amount of dog shampoo in a bucket of water and soak the collar for about 10 -15 minutes.

Dog shampoo is key in preventing irritation to your dog’s skin. Using any soap or shampoo meant for humans can be harmful to your dog’s skin.

2. After you’ve dipped the collar properly, scrub gently to remove things that might have been stocked to the leather, such as dirt.

3. You can hang it up and let it dry properly. If you’re looking for a fast process clean it first with a towel to remove excess water before drying it up If you are looking for a way to wash a smelly leather collar.

washing it with your hand is a great idea because you can easily remove any dirt, bugs and rub off any dirt or bugs your dog picks up on its outdoor even.

Can leather dog collars get wet?

There are pet owners that would think that leather collars can’t get wet. But as long as the leather collar is handled properly beforehand they can.

A leather collar that is often handled regularly with other proper materials, should be able to handle wetness and last for a very long time. We also endorsed that your dogs and collars should be washed separately.

How do you deodorize a dog collar?

You can deodorize a dog collar using dog shampoo because it’s the required ingredients needed to make your dog smell great. However, natural ingredients found in your kitchen can also serve as a deodorant as well.

Just add a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with some water and soak the collar for some minutes. It will smell nice and clear off any disorderly smell with minimal effort.

Do metal dog collars need to be washed?

If you have never had any thought on how to clean a metal dog collar, you’re not alone. Most people think that metal doesn’t need any cleaning as much as nylon, leather, or other materials. Because it doesn’t attract odors and bacteria.

That belief is incorrect. If there is a piece of dirt left on metal for too long, it could start smelling. The dirt can also pat off on your dog’s skin and hair causing your dog to smell too.

Cleaning a metal collar can simply be done by hand with some shampoo and water. Just soak it in water and add some dog shampoo. After soaking, then scrubs it with your hands to remove muds and dirt. Dry it thoroughly with a towel to clean the waters.

How to wash a dog harness

Just like with dog collars, how to wash a harness is up to the material that forms up the harness. Having that in mind, cleaning a dog harness is just like cleaning a dog collar.

But the most usual cleaning material to use is dog shampoo. That would be used to clean your dog since it is smelly. Your dog will accept it and will not hold anything that would annoy them.

Find the best way to wash a dog collar

Regardless if you need to clean a smelly leather dog collar, just remember that consistency is very important. So you clean it as much as you clean your dog. And also ensure that dirt won’t stick around for long.


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