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There are very few dog breeds as distinctive as the Chow Chow! The price of a puppy depends on the breeding in which it will be purchased. Many breeders also sell animals much cheaper, which is due to the color and compliance with the breed standard. If its representative differs too much from her, he or she receives a certificate on the basis of which a pedigree can be obtained, with the proviso that it is not a breeding dog. When buying this breed of dogs, it is imperative to pay attention to the breeder himself. Whether it belongs to the Polish Kennel Club, i.e. is in fact a purebred dog, significantly affects the price. How much does a chow chow cost and where to find it? Check!

How much is a chow chow?

The price of rearing from breeding ranges from PLN 5,000 to PLN 8,000. It happens that some puppies are more expensive, which is related to the titles their ancestors achieved during the shows. The more titled grandparents and parents, the higher the price for the litter. Champions also decide about the reputation of breeding, because they present their pupils all over the world. In effect, they also affect how much the chow chow costs.

When choosing a dog, it is also worth paying attention to breeding – not only in the case of chow chow. The price deviating from the average usually means pseudo-breeding. There are rarely dogs that have to change their home in adulthood. Then how much a chow chow costs depends mainly on the breeder’s preferences.

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The origin of the dog and health

Great importance should be placed on where the chow chow comes from. The price in the case of breeding is higher due to the careful selection of the parents of the litter. Why is it so important? The gene pool for this breed is not very large, and the crossing of closely related individuals leads to the occurrence of serious genetic diseases.

In order for the dog to enjoy good health as long as possible, it is worth getting acquainted with the breeder’s history, but first of all, make sure that it belongs to the Polish Kennel Club, which is the only national organization recognized by the FCI. A reputable breeder will always provide you with a family tree with a description of diseases and conditions that have occurred in the animals he breeds.

Chow chow – dog price and pedigree

Polish law prohibits the sale of purebred dogs without a pedigree, so a dog without an appropriate birth certificate, being sold as purebred, is not. However, due to the large number of smaller associations and kennels, many Chow Chow dogs receive a so-called pedigree. It is not recognized by international associations. In fact, it simply means that the dog is not purebred – such a pedigree is not proof of being purebred! For this reason, how much a chow chow costs is also a smaller amount.

So you are thinking about buying a dog with only national pedigree, confirming belonging to the chow chow breed? How much does such a dog cost? Although it is usually cheaper, the announcement – while legal – is not entirely true! Purebred dogs always have a certificate on the basis of which a pedigree recognized by the FCI can be established. The chow chow in such an advertisement will likely be from a breed enthusiast or pseudo-breeding farmer. You can buy it from PLN 3,000. Remember, however, that the price of a chow chow does not translate into its good health, compliance with the pattern or character typical for the breed.

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How much a chow chow costs depends primarily on where you decide to buy. Before that, it is worth asking information from other owners of this wonderful breed and reading the data on internet forums. There, it is much easier to verify information about individual breeders.