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It’s good to take care of your pet’s teeth, especially dog dental cleaning to avoid unnecessary bad health conditions.

Getting your house completely built is not a guarantee of the end of expenses you would make towards that building.

As time goes on, you would invite some expenses to maintain the house, in repainting, Plumbing faults, electrical faults and so on.

In the same way, getting a pet is no the end of it. The cost of buying a dog is not the only expense you would make as a dog owner.

There is other numerous stuff that would require your finances, such as feeding, Hygiene, Veterinary care, and others.

This stuff can not be overlooked or ignored due to its importance in keeping and maintaining a healthy dog.

Like every other pet, The health of a dog is Paramount- Most, especially, the dental care. The dental care of your dog should never be taken for granted.

It is required to take care of your dog’s teeth as often as you take care of yours. Although you may be taking it through regular brushing yourself, it still needs the hands of a professional.

Therefore it is highly advisable to seek the services of a professional dental care vet, at least every six months.

In as much as the cost of professionally getting your dog’s teeth clean is expensive, be rest assured that it is definitely worth it, due to the extreme importance of the role they play in ensuring the quality health of your dog.


The Importance of the dental care of your dog cannot be overemphasized. It goes a long way in improving the dog’s quality of life. Regular teeth cleaning aids in preventing dental and gum issues.

Like every mammal, digs develop toothaches, build-up of plaques and in the end, this leads to bad breath, loss of tooth ad worse dental issues.

Regular brushing and cleaning of a dog’s teeth help protect it from periodontal diseases which affect the teeth and gum.

Inadequate dental care does not only affect the teeth and gums, it has a huge negative impact on the overall well-being of the dog.

Some bacterias are found present in a dog’s teeth, if not properly taken care of. These bacterias if not checked early, can move further from the teeth to the bloodstream, incurring major harm to essential internal organs.


We all know that brushing does a lot of good in preventing dental issues for your dog, but then, there are some food options that also go a long way in aiding its dental health.

Some dog owners usually feed their dogs junk foods that contain a whole lot of sugar and fats. This unhealthy food can cause damage to not just the dog’s dental health, but the overall health of the dog.

Therefore, it is advised to go the natural way, by giving it food made of vegetables, fruits, and meat. This is because there are no additional preservatives present in these food items, that can be harmful to the dog.


To examine your pet’s mouth thoroughly, General anesthesia is required. In this process, some of the molars are so far deep into the mouth and are unable to be seen, making it difficult for the Vet to reach.

Also, blood tests are conducted to identify the health issues that would identify the dog’s dental procedure or bring harm to it after anesthesia.

Moreover, Pain-relieving anesthetic drugs are also required to be given to the pet to ensure safety and quick recovery.

All these and many more, add up to why it is a very costly dog care session.


I would like you to know that the cost of a dog’s dental care varies as a result of different factors. Like Adam Christman said,

“A per owner would receive an estimate of Services that include everything from IV fluids, an Intravenous Catheter, Patient Monitoring, and recovery and possible medications or antibiotics”.

In some Vet places, you would be charged between 450 dollars and 1000 dollars fr a routine dental cleaning.

However, there are several factors that have a huge effect on the cost. These factors include:

i) AGE:

The age of a dog is a very key factor that affects the overall cost of tooth cleaning. Unlike puppies, older dogs require more works to determine Their capability to handle anesthesia. And this, of course, would definitely cost more.


Different strokes for different folks. In the same way, Different bills for different Vets. Some Vets bill based on the time limit of the procedure, while some others would charge you after evaluating the type of procedure to be used.

In most cases, charging based on the procedure would cost some hundreds of dollars.


The size of the pup determines the cost of the session. In the sense that, the larger the dog, the more expensive the session.

And this is a result of the fact that a bigger dog would require a lot more medication and anesthesia than the smaller ones.

However, we have picked out an estimated cost, based on the following:

However, more complicated dental issues like tooth extraction would cost more. Depending on the location of the tooth, and how deep it is in the mouth, you may be charged $400 per tooth.

Also, know that these costs vary with the location too. So the cost in one location might be different from another.

Always take your dog for a dental care session at least every 6 months to maintain its health.
You can always find a good Vet around you by searching online or asking other dog owners for referrals.

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