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How many dogs live? Find out the average age of the dog’s life

Who is the dog, everyone knows – man’s best friend, happiness on four legs, faithful guardian and companion. Before buying or adopting a dog, much attention is given to considering the proper care, training, and fulfillment of a dog’s needs. However, sooner or later a less pleasant question arises – how much do dogs live? As with humans and other species, it all depends on diet, lifestyle, and health. Race also matters.

How long do dogs live? What it depends on?

If you already own a dog, you certainly want his best and longest life possible. However, do you know what the realities actually are? It’s best to find out how many dogs live before even bringing your pet home. You need to know what you’re signing up for. So, on the one hand, be prepared for a long-term obligation; on the other hand, to an inevitable painful loss.

What affects how many years dogs live? First of all, they are:

  • a balanced diet taking into account the species and individual needs of your dog;
  • the right dose of daily exercise;
  • body weight and its compliance with the norm;
  • genetics;
  • diseases;
  • accidents and injuries;
  • systematic vaccinations, deworming and general health checkups;
  • the size of the animal.

Interestingly, research shows that the larger the dog is, the shorter it can live. Sounds surprising? The average life age of a small, purebred, typical domestic dog is often much longer than the average life of larger dogs – even if they are treated in the same way. Why is this happening? According to the researchers, this may be related to the rapid growth process of large dogs. The period of puppies growing up to large sizes puts a lot of strain on their bodies. With large breeds, cancer is more common.

How many years do dogs live compared to humans?

You must remember that time does not flow the same for everyone. To you, dogs may have an unfairly short life. However, from the perspective of the four-legged friend, it is a very long life. How many dogs live in human years? The comparison looks like this:

  • 6 months of dog – 10 years of man,
  • 10 months – 14 years,
  • 12 months – 15 years,
  • 18 months – 20 years,
  • 2 years – 24 years,
  • 3 years – 28 years,
  • 4 years – 32 years,
  • 5 years – 3 years,
  • 6 years – 40 years,
  • 7 years – 44 years,
  • 8 years – 48 years,
  • 9 years – 52 years,
  • 10 years – 56 years.
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On this basis you can see how important the first months of puppies’ lives are. The first year of a dog’s life translates into the first 14-15 human years. The next year is in terms of 7-9 years. So a two-year-old dog is the equivalent of a human, even 24-year-old. Each subsequent year is in terms of human 5 years of life. On that rate, a twenty-year-old dog is one hundred human years old.

The average age of a dog’s life

How is the dog’s age determined? If you do not know his date of birth, you will use teeth and hair. An experienced vet will help you determine this without much problem. For example – around the age of 7, the canines and incisors are visibly worn down. Tooth loss begins around the age of 10-12. As time goes on, you will also notice more and more gray hair on your pet’s head and body.

How many years do purebred dogs live?

So – how long do purebred dogs live? We will not analyze all races and individual cases here. Much depends on the way and degree of kinship by which the dogs are brought together. If the gene pool is not diversified enough, various genetic diseases may occur and, as a result, faster death.

The average life age of dogs of popular breeds is as follows:

Statistically, the longest-lived dog breeds are the miniature ones: chihuahua, miniature pinscher, miniature poodle, shih tzu. They can live up to 18-20 years.

How long do non-purebred dogs live?

There is a myth that mongrels are often healthier because they are not genetically burdened with any defects or diseases. In fact, the dogs mate freely, but when a bitch reports pregnancy and the litter grows out, natural selection works. As a result, only healthy and strong puppies survive. On the other hand, the course and life expectancy of mongrels are more difficult to predict due to their high randomness.

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How long do non-purebred dogs live? It is assumed that hybrids live over a dozen years. Here, size also matters – smaller dogs tend to live longer; however, it is difficult to say how many in each case. Much depends on the ancestors, who are often difficult to pin down. This doesn’t mean, however, that your care for the dog is irrelevant. If you take care of your mongrel, provide him with a proper diet, exercise and love, he can live to a really old age.

Fun fact – the longest-lived dog in the world

The above information on how long dogs live is of course only illustrative. Estimated and average values ​​may have nothing to do with your pet. If your dog’s short life has made you worry – maybe it will cheer you up. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the longest-lived dog in the world was over 29 years old on the day of his death.

This canine record holder was called Bluey and was a representative of the Australian Cattle Dog breed. This is not a scientifically documented case, but he was allegedly born in 1910 and lived to 1939. Interestingly, he did not die a natural death, but was put to sleep by the owner.

There is another similar case – the longest-lived dog in the world not verified by the Book of Records was also a hybrid of this breed. The female dog Chilla allegedly died at the age of 32. According to research, the Australian Cattle Dog breed lives an average of a year longer than other dogs of similar size and weight.

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Let’s summarize – how much do dogs live?

The development of medicine and veterinary medicine in recent years has made it possible to significantly extend the lives of dogs. Human reasoning of their nature has also changed, especially their unique needs. Dogs began to be treated as full family members, not only as an ornament or a practical accessory. Owing to this shift in attitude, owners are more likely to focus on providing their dogs with proper care and care.

In terms of statistics, how many dogs live has changed significantly in recent years. Thanks to the development of veterinary medicine, dietetics and the human attitude, the average age of domestic dogs has increased significantly. Today, it is assumed that the average age of a dog’s life is 10-13 years.
You already know the answer to the question – how long do dogs live. A dozen or so years may seem like a painfully short time to enjoy your four-legged children. Unfortunately, you can’t help it – it’s just doggy nature. Remember that proper care and regular check-ups at the vet can significantly extend your pet’s life. How long dogs live depends largely on their genetics, but also on their diet and lifestyle.