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his sense of direction is extraordinary (Video)

In November 2012, Jacob e Bonnie Richter they head, with their tricolor cat named Hollyto the motoring circuit of Daytona International Speedwaya Daytona Beach, in Florida.

The town is located 300 km from their home located in West Palm Beach.

An unexpected disappearance

Frightened by the fireworks, Holly escapes from the Richter’s camper one night. For days, her owners distribute flyers and alert local associations, before returning home, distraught and without their beloved Holly.

62 days and 300 km later

About two months later, a certain Barb Mazzola finds an emaciated cat in his backyard in Palm Beach Gardens, a municipality vicino West Palm Beach.

The feline was very thin and weak that he could hardly move.

The man activates to buy him some cat food and takes him to a veterinarian, where the animal is scanned in order to look for the presence of a possible microchip.

The finding of Holly

Richters take the shock of their life when they receive the long awaited call announcing the discovery of their dear Holly, about 1.5km from their home.

“It was a nice trip for this little one” – Jacob Richter told WPBF-TV “We can’t believe she came home.”

For Holly, a cat used to living indoors, walking 300 km alone, the distance a human would travel in about 63 hours on foot, is nothing short of. a miraclesaid Marty Becker, the veterinarian who followed her.

“All animals have a sense of direction, but it is really unusual cats find their way home over long distances. I think this is somehow a miracle ».
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