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here is the video of the atrocious abandonment


The dog Ken has been cowardly abandoned.

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Kenan 8-year-old Pit Bull, was found by maintenance workers in December 2022 in unacceptable condition.

The security camera caught a man throwing the poor dog into a cell tower in California.

Thrown over the barbed wire

The dog had been abandoned just hours before his rescue. When he was found, the poor dog was dehydrated.

Saved by Riverside County Animal Servicesthe dog was brought from veterinarian for complete control. Specifically, he was treated for a mucoid discharge in both eyes.

On the spot, the vet discovered that the animal had a microchip and therefore an owner.

Looking at surveillance cameras near the cell tower, Ken’s rescuers discovered a man who he threw the four-legged dog over a barbed wire fencenot worrying that he might get hurt.

An open investigation to find the culprit

An investigation has been opened by the police to find the person responsible for this abandonment:

“We are now proceeding with the request for an arrest warrant because this person must be held responsible for such a horrendous act of willful abandonment,” said the animal services commander Josh Sisler in a press release.

For his part, Ken is slowly recovering from this traumatic adventure and is now looking for a loving family.

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