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He hides, films his neighbor and catches her in the act (Video)


Coryse Farina

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When deciding to adopt an animal, in addition to basic needs, it is also essential to take into consideration its own needs need. First of all, that of going outdoors to do the business.

The owner of the dog protagonist of this story, however, does not seem to think the same way. Not wanting to take a few steps on foot to Martignez (Switzerland), she decides to walk … in the car!

The woman then ties the dog to his cargets into the driver’s seat and starts the engine, traveling at walking pace around his home.

A useless complaint

Il 24 year old Swiss, Pascal Nusbaumer, after seeing his neighbor for the umpteenth time taking his dog for a walk in such a horrible way, decides to take matters into his own hands.

He follows her, hides in a cornfield and starts film the whole scene decided to report the incident to the police.

Now people take dogs and tie them behind a car! 1.5m of rope and the exhaust fumes! GREAT ! And these people there we tell them nothing 😡😡😡

Posted by Pascal Nusbaumer on Friday, September 11, 2020

However, when he arrives at the police station, the officers claim that they cannot do anything because in fact it is not a question of animal abuse. Even if the dog is forced to go to the toilet by running and breathing in toxic fumes of the car, given that it is in good shape, in the eyes of the law does not appear as mistreated.

It is therefore a useless report.

Appeal on social networks

Still determined to report the incident, Pascal publishes the video on Facebookfirst of all urging anyone to do not imitate the behavior of this owner, but above all by inviting all users to report similar situations to agentsin the hope that several reports may give rise to a complaint.

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