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he digs in the snow and his mistress is petrified


What will ever be under the snow?

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That stroll it must be, as usual, quiet and relaxing. Instead, the little dog smelled something peculiar and started digging like crazy in the snow.

And he was right: his nose hadn’t given him away. Beneath the pristine blanket of snow there was someone to save.

Grande shock

Indeed there was one cat trapped in the snow who looked at him with wide eyes. His owner was shocked by this discovery.

Some people had buried alive the poor animal in the snow. If it hadn’t been for her dog’s excellent nose, the furry girl would have died in a short time.

The woman immediately picked up the cat, took her home and put her in a warm place. She then thought it best to post an ad on Facebook about lost cat groups.

The manager of the refuge Home at Last Rescue, located in Canada, he saw the post and immediately contacted the woman.

Just in time

The shelter staff proceeded to bring the cat, renamed Paisleyto the nearest veterinary clinic.

Paisley was nervous at first, but when she realized she was in good hands, she began to trust humans, letting her wonderful personality.

In fact she is a very sweet and good kitten with a very cheerful character.

He loves life with his foster family very much. More than anything she loves to play with her catnip filled toys and she has grown particularly fond of her foster mom.

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In a few weeks Paisley will be ready for adoption. We wish her to find a family that will love and spoil her for life!

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