Can dogs eat green apples?

Green apples are not toxic for your dog. Many people think they are, but few know how much they contain the phytochemicals that provide many benefits. Nowadays, more and more studies have been done on the benefits of green apples, so you shouldn’t worry so much about giving them to your dog anymore.

What are the benefits of green apples?

Green apples, just like most other fruits and vegetables contain many beneficial substances which are good for your dog’s health. These green apples are rich in antioxidants, they can help your dog lower cholesterol, they can help him eliminate the toxins from his body and thus keep his kidneys healthy, but most importantly – they can improve his skin health. The antioxidants contained in the green apples fight the free radicals which cause premature aging of your dog’s skin. You should also know that using green apples is easy and you only need to give them to your dog as a part of his regular diet, no need to make him eat them like an apple (though it’s not a bad idea). You can also give them to your dog as a treat, but then you have to consider their caloric values.


The 3 main reasons why people might be worried about giving a green apple to their dogs include:

  1. The red color of the apple can stain their coat and attract flies;
  2. The shape and texture can be too hard for a dog to enjoy;
  3. The natural sugars in green apples can increase a dog’s blood sugar levels which may lead to or worsen pancreatitis.

##How can green apples help your dog?

Green apples are high in pectin which makes them a very good detoxifying agent. Pectin is also responsible for keeping its shape and texture. Pectin helps to fight cancer and detoxify the body. Green apples can also keep you and your dog hydrated, as they contain a lot of water. It’s said to be able to cure headaches! This is because of the high concentration of malic acid – a compound that helps with headaches – found in green apple juice. Malic acid is known for helping with low blood pressure, heart disease, heartburn, and more (we don’t know how much it would take to cure them).

##Can dog eat green apples in the winter?

I have read that they are not good for dogs to eat in the winter, because of the high concentration of malic acid. The high concentration of malic acid is dangerous when they are in high concentrations. However, they can be eaten in moderation in the summer when these fruits are at their most nutritious. Malic acid is used by all mammals to regulate blood sugar and prevent damage. It’s also found in many other fruits and herbs such as pomegranate and grapes.

Green apples will help in the following: Improved digestion and nutrient assimilation; reduction in blood pressure levels; they can also protect against cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

##What’s the best way to give green apples to your dog?

The best way to give them is in puree form or finely chopped into kibble. This way it makes it easier for your dog to digest. However, you should avoid giving them when it’s not the right season because of the high malic acid levels. If you’re looking for a softer texture, then try juicing certain apples which are riper already. This results in a sweeter taste which I think is much more enjoyable for dogs. You can also look into commercially available treats you can purchase in most pet stores for dogs. I have read that they are bound to have these treats in them if you’re looking for one with green apple.


Also, if your dog is overweight, then don’t give them green apples because they are high in sugars. If your dog is not overweight yet, then you should monitor their weight to see how much they have gained or lost. If your dog is very active and lean, then green apples will be good for him/her. Green apples are most nutritious when eaten fresh, so make sure you’re giving them fresh green apples which haven’t been store-bought for more than 1 week (one week at the most). Commercial apples that are not fresh can contain up to 200 times more sugar than fresh ones.

Can dogs eat green apples and cinnamon together?

A lot of people mix these two ingredients and feed them to their dogs. However, it’s not recommended, as they do have a strong flavor, they also have a high concentration of sugar which can be dangerous for your dog if they’re overweight. So just save the mixing method for when your dog is not overweight. If you give it to your dog as part of its regular diet, they’re likely to meet the caloric requirements of the human body. We all know that apples are good for us and good for dogs too (green and normal). It’s important to know that they are high in sugars, so try to give them when your dog is not overweight.

And lastly, I would say it’s ok to give your dog apples. However, you have to take into consideration the following:

The nutritional value of the apples you are about to give it; The weight of your dog if it’s overweight or not; The current season where you live, because there are certain fruits which are only available in certain seasons. You can then mix green apples with other fruits which are available in that season. Try to consider this when giving your dog apples.

If your dog never becomes overweight then it’s not a problem, but if it does then you have to know how to feed them properly. You should always check the caloric density of the apples you’re about to give it, especially if you’re going to give them in a treat. Green apples can be very high in sugar content, so they should only be given on occasion and not regularly.

Can puppies eat green apples?

Puppies can certainly eat green apples, but they may not enjoy the taste because when they are very young, their tastes tend to be more tart than when they are older. Below is a graph of how apples and watermelon grow in flavor as puppies age:

While puppies enjoy eating apples and green apples, they also like to chew on wood, plastic items, and other things that can be harmful to their little teeth. Because of this, we recommend that you only give your puppy a healthy choice of food.

In conclusion, your dog will most likely love green apples, so don’t be scared to give them to your dog. You just have to be careful when you do it.