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Golden Retriever meets a window cleaner on the 15th floor – that’s what it does! (Video)


Ilenia Colombo

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Tofua magnificent Golden Retriever, will long remember this atypical encounter with a window cleaner.

Rebekah Hartmanthe owner of the big dog, did not hesitate to capture this moment and shared it on social networks.

Golden Retriever wants to make a new friend

When the dog saw a window cleaner at work outside his 15th floor apartment, he was quick to grab his favorite toy to take to his new friend.

“He was happy that someone was in front of our window,” said the owner of Tofu a The Dodo.

Elected “Animal of the month” of the condominium

Tofu’s reaction didn’t surprise the young woman. The dog is like that nice e friendly who was twice voted “Pet of the Month” at his residence.

Whenever the four-legged friend meets a person, gives her one of his toys. Unfortunately for Tofu, the window cleaner never managed to take the gift from him. Furthermore, the dog has never seen this ephemeral friend again.

In any case, it was a short but nice meeting!

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