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Golden Retriever Makes Everyone Laugh (Video)

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Will Bailey notice the deception?

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Francesca Discipoli

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Try to fool a dog hiding even with all the tricks, is, of course, a rather bold thought. In fact, how can you compete with his superfine flair?

However, the owners of the Golden Retriever Bailey they are willing to try and can’t wait to see the reaction of their big dog and above all that funny perplexity printed on his face!

Of course, the camera is also ready to shoot the whole scene, because with Bailey the fun is always guaranteed!

Here’s the plan to “rip” Bailey

To fool the four-legged, its owner has seen fit to lie down under his large kennel near the sofa and his partner made sure that no part of his body protrudes and is visible.

Then the girl sits casually on the sofa, on the side of the kennel, which now looks almost like one hillockand pretends nothing has happened, patiently waiting for the dog to enter the room.

Will they be able to fool Bailey?

As soon as the Golden Retriever enters the living room he immediately goes to his kennel: has already noticed that there is something strange. And, of course, in a blink of an eye understands that there is someone down there!

And then the show begins: Bailey starts digging, biting his doghouse, climbing that suspicious mound, all accompanied by one tail wagging high frequency!

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Eventually, he manages to overturn the kennel and put the owner who laughs out loud uncovered. How not to congratulate him on this fantastic performance?

And that’s when his two humans fill him with cuddles and caresses! All absolutely deserved! A video that will make you smile, or so it was for 13 million Internet users!

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