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German Shepherd digs grave, but truth surprises everyone (Video)

This particular story happens in 2015 in a Serbian cemetery. Some citizens, going to visit deceased relatives, come across one little dog of German Shepherd resting on a grave. The dog looks extremely sad and desolate so, taken by compassion, they decide to take a picture and post it on the web.

In the following days, the image of the dog on the grave makes the rounds of the internet and users immediately think that the animal was in mourning and lay on the grave of the dead master. However, the reality turns out to be completely different.

A hole in the grave

It all begins when some web users, observing the photograph carefully, realize that next to the dog a hole has been dug.

Intrigued by the matter and eager to find out the truth about that German Shepherd, Vesna Mihajloski, an activist engaged for years in the protection and health of animals, decides to to investigate.

He goes to the city cemetery and immediately manages to see the dog.
He stays at a safe distance to observe his behavior, until suddenly sees her digging with his paws a hole in the grave.

Moments later, some lovable ones come out of the hole German Shepherd puppies. In fact, the little dog had no connection with the deceased, but was only looking for a place for keep her newborn puppies safe.

Excited by that discovery, Vesna does not hesitate for a moment and decides to save the little family.

A new life for everyone

After several days of stalking and gradual approaches, Vesna manages to earn mom’s trust Shepherd and take the whole family to the nearest animal shelter.
The animals come visited and it quickly turns out that the puppies were malnourished.

The mother, in fact, was tired and hungry too. Fortunately, however, thanks to Vesna everything is going well and a few weeks later, they all found one new home full of love and affection.

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