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From the window he sees his dog playing in the snow with a strange companion! (Video)


A beautiful and unusual meeting for a little dog!

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In 2021, Jennifer Olivera resident of Berthoud, Colorado (USA), looked out the window and witnessed a very unusual scene.

He saw his little dog playing in the snow with a pass bya mammal of the deer family native to North America and central and eastern Asia.

A friend six times his size!

The two new friends, although separated by a fence, really were having a lot of fun to chase each other!

That they were so different it didn’t matter: they both wanted to take advantage of the snow and have fun together!

And the thick white blanket, the result of a snowstorm that arrived in early spring, only added to the certainty magic to this very special moment of play.

Who will run faster? © Youtube @9News

A video full of joy

The dog is delighted! See how scodinzola while chasing his wapiti friend who runs along the fence!

A moment of pure joy that the dog’s owner had the brilliant idea of ​​immortalizing in a video! Here it is!

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