External filter for the aquarium – what is worth knowing?

A good and powerful external aquarium filter is an equipment that must not be missing in any home aquarist’s tank. It is mainly thanks to him that the interior environment maintains the correct parameters. This, in turn, provides comfortable conditions for fish and plants. Find out what the external aquarium filter is for and what its types are. Read our article and see why choosing the right pump is so important!

External filter for the aquarium and its role

Clean water in the aquarium is one of the factors that guarantee the proper development and comfort of fish. In a natural environment, “cleansing” of silt, faeces and food remains occurs spontaneously. At home, there are no water currents and the tank is too small to maintain an adequate level of cleanliness. This process should be “assisted” in a way. To do this, you will need to purchase a strong external filter for your aquarium.

What could be the risk of not having an external aquarium filter?

Every organism that inhabits the aquarium leaves impurities behind itself – this is a completely natural and normal process. However, without the help of a suitable filter, the aquarium can get too dirty, but not only that. After some time, it will also start to emit an unpleasant odor – most often caused by the build up of ammonia excreted by the fish. The following also play a role in the build-up of dirt:

  • uneaten food;
  • decaying plants;
  • factors from outside the aquarium (such as dust) and many others.

The water becomes cloudy, giving an unsightly impression and also hindering the functioning of the fish. A strong external aquarium filter is designed to help you get rid of some of the dirt on a regular basis.

What are aquarium filters apart from external ones?

Filters are divided into mechanical, biological and chemical. In addition, there is also a division into internal filters and external aquarium filters – these, in turn, also have their subcategories. Below you will learn about the types of external filters, i.e. those that are installed outside the aquarium. They are divided into:

  • bucket filters;
  • cascade filters.

Types of external filters for the aquarium

Bucket filters

A bucket external filter for an aquarium is considered to be one of the best equipment. What are their advantages?

  • they are placed outside the tank, so access to them is easier;
  • they can be cleaned without major problems;
  • most of them have high efficiency;
  • do not take up space in the aquarium, so that the filter does not disturb the organisms in the tank.

Do external bucket filters have only advantages?

The most modern models of bucket filters have separate chambers for other filter materials, e.g. biological filter cartridges, sponge or activated carbon.

However, some people note that external filters for a bucket aquarium consume much more energy than other water filtering devices. Their cost is also slightly higher. However, this does not deter the growing number of people who buy such equipment.

Cascade filters

Cascade filters are another type of external filter for your aquarium. How to mount them? They are placed on the rear or side glass of the tank. The filter draws water from the aquarium through a tube and then pours it back. It is suitable for both mechanical and biological filtering. The advantages of cascade filters include:

  • quite low purchase cost;
  • low energy consumption.

In this case, you have a lot of space at your disposal where you can put the cartridges, and the filters do not take up space in the aquarium. Unfortunately, very often aquarists have a problem with installing a cascade filter on the cover in their home tank. In addition, it is quite loud equipment.

Purchase of an external pump for the aquarium

Does an external aquarium pump pay off? You should think carefully about purchasing the correct external filter. In particular, issues such as:

  • hardware performance;
  • volume level;
  • the price.

The size of the aquarium and what kind of creatures you breed and how many there are will also be important. The larger the tank and the more fish, the stronger and more efficient the external aquarium filter should be. The environment will be clean, the water will be clear, and the creatures inside will be content.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that external filters have different parameters. A 300 liter external aquarium filter does not always have to be better than a 112 liter aquarium filter, if it is not too large. Most depends on the size of the tank and the needs of your fish. Be sure to choose such an external pump optimally. Then you will not overpay, and floating animals will be able to enjoy the clear water.