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Dreaming about dogs: what does it mean?

Being man’s best friend, dream of dogs usually indicates the need for sincere love and protection.

The dog is one of the most popular symbols that can be found in the dream book. It appears not only in the dreams of pet lovers or owners, but also of people who do not come into contact with these animals on a daily basis.

Let’s find out the symbology linked to dreams about dogs.

How to interpret a dog in a dream?

Dreaming about dogs can represent countless meanings in a person’s life. As in any situation, all factors must be taken into account details in order to correctly interpret the dream:

  • the context in which the dog appears;
  • his behavior;
  • its characteristics (sex, race, size, color, attitude, etc.);
  • the reactions and actions of the dreaming subject.

A black dog, a white dog, a biting dog or a dog’s disease – there is a hidden meaning behind each of these symbols. Which? Find out what it means when you dream of a dog!

What does it mean to dream of a black dog?

Dreaming of a black dog would indicate something unpleasant. © Svetography / Shutterstock

The symbol of a black dog appearing in a dream usually portends a imminent danger e bad luckor so almost all dream books say.

The black dog can represent betrayal, disease, depressionor problems in working life e financial difficulties. If we are a victim of an attack or a bite of a black dog, it is worth being careful: a dream can mean imminent betrayal.

Dreaming of a white dog

Dreaming of a white dog indicates positive things. © Rin Seiko / Shutterstock

A white dog in a dream is a good sign! The white-coated dog is one of the most positive canine symbols in dreams. It can be an announcement interesting meetinga new career offer or even one lottery win!

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However, you should be vigilant when dreaming about a white and aggressive dog: May herald an attack from a loved one.

What does it mean to dream of dogs biting?

To dream of an aggressive dog represents danger. © Jan Mlkvy / Shutterstock

A biting dog is classified as a bad omen of danger. Such a dog in a dream symbolizes the slander and the upcoming ones family quarrels.

The dream interpretation of a dog attack in a dream can also be interpreted as a warning against a person from a close environment, who does not love us and will try to hurt us at the first possible opportunity.

A dog bite can also symbolize feelings of envy by the people around us. A dream of several biting dogs heralds a family quarrel over inheritance or testifies to the dreamer’s internal conflicts.

Dreaming of a dog on a leash

Dreaming of a dog on a leash has two interpretations. © Africa Studio / Shutterstock

A dog on a leash or a chain is a type of dream that can be interpreted in two ways. The message will depend on the context and the dreamer’s current life situation will play an important role in understanding it. Most often, a dream about a dog on a leash means the dreamer’s ability to self-discipline and control her pulse.

Sometimes, however, it can symbolize some limitations that prevent us from moving forward and spreading our wings.

If we often dream of a dog on a leash, it could reflect ours negative mood and the feeling of being mistreated. In the case of a dream in which someone leads our dog on a leash, be careful: it may mean hidden enemies.

What does it mean to dream of a small dog?

A small dog could either refer to our location in a specific group or environment, whether to serve as warning against someone who wants to harm us.

Usually, the presence of a small dog in a dream can also be interpreted as meaningless friendship.

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Dreaming about puppies

puppies sleep
The meaning of puppies in a dream.© ANURAK PONGPATIMET / Shutterstock

Puppies in a dream announce that we will help innocent people who will be grateful to us. If we play with puppies in a dream, it can mean themeeting with a good person in the future.

The mere presence of a puppy can also mean a new challenge o new ideas. The dream can take on a different meaning depending on the condition of the puppy you see:

  • scruffy puppies announce economic losses;
  • nice little dogs they promise not only friendship, but also imminent wealth.

Dreaming of a big dog

Again, the interpretation of a dream about a large dog depends on the context in which it appears. Depending on the situation, it can herald a lot gioia o unpleasant events that we will meet on our way.

A large dog can be a positive omen and a sign of protection for a close friend or a threat. A large, obese dog, on the other hand, is a warning against estrangement from your partner.

Dreaming of a sick or injured dog

As you can imagine, a dog’s illness in a dream will be a harbinger of disturbing and dangerous events.

A sick dog can symbolize a loved one’s health problems. Also, it is possible that a sick dog in a dream signals an unfavorable reflection of our actions on other family members.

Also, a injured dog it usually indicates health problems or negative events. Dog howling also has a similar meaning, which is one of the creepiest omens. A dog’s howl in a dream is interpreted as a harbinger of a serious illness and even of death of the dreamer.

What does it mean to dream dead dogs?

The reason for death that appears in dreams does not bode well in most cases. Likewise, according to the dream book, a dead dog is a warning against hostile and bad people.

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Sometimes the death of a dog can also be interpreted as a symbol of end of feelings that we have towards someone. It can also indicate the renunciation of friendship, relationship or material resources.

A dream about a dog that is no longer alive is most often simply an expression of desire for himalthough it happens that the dream book interprets deceased dogs appearing in dreams as a warning of danger.

The dream of a dog and a cat

Sometimes the dog may appear in the company of a cat in a dream. According to the dream book, the interpretation of such a dream will depend on how animals behave and which of them comes to the fore in such a relationship.

  • If the dog is dominantlet’s get ready for pleasant moments and joyful events, if it is the cat who is, be careful, because you may be disappointed.
  • A scuffle between the two animals it will prefigure dangerous and surprising events;
  • Dogs and cats lying down next to each other in harmony foreshadow failure in business;
  • Be a dog chases a cat in a dream, probably indicates quarrels and misunderstandings between family members;
  • And dog killing cats it will mean successful financial undertakings and unexpected happiness.

Dreaming about dogs can mean many different things, but we leave the final interpretation to you! After all, dreams mainly reflect our experienceour individual experiences, emotions and desires.

It is not always worth trusting what the dream interpretation indicates: a dog can have a completely different meaning for each of us.