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Dogs that don’t shed hair – what breeds are they?

Before you begin your search for the right dog for you, you must understand that all dogs moult, but not all to the same degree. Some animals lose their hair only sporadically, shedding only a single dead hair. This reduces the need to clean at home, but it is often also associated with additional care. Before choosing a breed for yourself, be sure to get acquainted with this issue better.

Dog breeds that don’t shed their hair

A dog that does not shed its hair – the Maltese

The Maltese is a dog that hardly sheds at all. His hair is thick, silky and shiny. Their distinctive feature is that they are constantly growing. However, the process is very slow. Achieving the perfect show coat requires up to two years of growing and caring for the coat.

Caring for a non-exhibition Maltese is not particularly difficult. Groomers usually opt for a short haircut. This is a practical solution to avoid the tangling and felting of the hair, which dogs of this breed have a tendency to unfortunately.

Every puppy of this breed needs to be used to regular brushing. Combing should not only be done on the outside – always check that there are no tangles or fragments of felted hair left by the skin. If you want a dog with longer hair, conditioners that help to detangle will be useful.

Dogs that do not shed – Wirehaired Fox Terriers

Wirehaired fox terriers are an almost perfect choice for people who do not like to clean their hair from furniture or carpets. Dogs of this breed have a very dense two-layer coat and do not shed any hair. There is, however, a bit of tar in this keg of honey – the breed needs regular trimming.

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This treatment involves removing dead hair. As we have already mentioned, fox terriers do not lose it, so it has to be removed mechanically. Otherwise, dead hair will block new growth. The dog’s coat then becomes too dense, clumps together and starts felting. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also dangerous. The lack of adequate ventilation will lead to various types of dermatological diseases.

So if you want a wire-haired dog that doesn’t moult, you’ll have to make arrangements for regular groomer visits. The only alternative is to master the art of trimming yourself.

Big dogs that don’t shed their hair – King Poodles

All poodles have a profuse, dense and woolly coat structure. Giant poodles, like their smaller cousins, do not shed, but their hair keeps growing. For this reason, representatives of this breed require regular haircuts.

The tradition of making artistic poodles hairdos is very long. Show dogs are subject to several specific types of beheading, but so-called “dogs”, or non-exhibition poodles, can be cut as you like.

Shorter hairstyles are generally less demanding. Nevertheless, the poodle’s coat requires regular and quite intensive care, including brushing, washing and the use of cosmetics that facilitate detangling and improve the condition of the hair.

Popular dogs that do not moult – Yorkies

The Yorkshire Terrier’s coat is long, shiny and silky. Keeping it in good condition does not require very great skills. However, you need to be prepared for systematic and regular care.

Non-exhibition Yorkies are most often cut short. This hairstyle is not only cute, but also extremely practical. Dogs of this breed do not change their hair seasonally, but their hair is constantly growing and requires shortening.

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Even short-haired Yorkies need to be combed regularly as fine hair tends to be felted and matted. You need to get your dog used to grooming from childhood. After bathing, it is best to use special conditioners that make detangling easier.

Dogs that do not shed and are allergic

You can often hear the opinion that dogs that do not shed their hair do not sensitize. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. We are allergic to a protein that is found in the hair and epidermis of an animal, not its hair per se.

However, it cannot be denied that animals that do not change their hair seasonally are slightly less allergenic than those that shed profusely. However, it is worth accepting the fact that a completely hypoallergenic breed is more of a marketing slogan than a real phenomenon.

Dogs That Don’t Shed Their Hair – Summary

There is a wide range of dog breeds that don’t shed their hair. However, many of them require specific care – trimming, brushing and regular cutting. The breeds listed above are just examples. The most important thing is the physiological feature of the hair. There are mongrels waiting in shelters, which also do not shed. If you have doubts about your dog’s hair type, be sure to visit a professional groomer.