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Dog Oslo Abandoned in Disastrous Condition Could Not Be Saved Despite Efforts by APA and Vets

Oslo ended up giving up the ghost, 3 days after being discovered abandoned, tied to a bush and in a state of extreme thinness in Seine-Saint-Denis. The Action Protection Animale team and partner veterinarians had tried everything to save this dog, but his little body could no longer fight against so many injuries and ailments resulting from neglect.

Within the association Action Protection Animale, we would have liked to announce a completely different news, but we had to face the sad reality. After clinging to life, Oslo and his organism, damaged by abandonment and negligence, could no longer hold out. The French Bulldog died despite the emergency care provided by the partner veterinarian ofWHATreported the latter on his site.

The terrible news was also shared on his page Facebook Monday, August 29, 3 days after the discovery of the canine.

On Friday, August 26, in fact, passers-by had realized his distress and had given the alert. The dog was tied to a bush, Blanc-Mesnil (93), and was skin and bones. He also had huge wounds on his posterior.

The day after, theWHAT indicated on Facebook that the quadruped continued to fight for its survival and was still in intensive care at the vet. Even if it was thin, hope still seemed allowed at that time.

“Oslo is gone, freed from its horrible suffering”

Alas, his state of cachexia, anemia and sepsis caused by his gangrenous lesions got the better of his bruised little body. ” Despite medications, infusions, care”, specified theWHAT on his site, the French Bulldog is gone.

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« Oslo is gone, freed from its horrible suffering. Once again, his departure leaves an unacceptable bitterness “, can we also read there.

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Illustration of the article: Oslo, the dog abandoned in a disastrous condition, could not be saved despite the efforts of APA and veterinarians

Action Protection Animale

The association would like to thank all those who supported it in this painful ordeal.

As a reminder, she had filed a complaint for voluntary abandonment, her owners having said that they had moved and did not seem ” take a great interest in [son] état ».