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Dog food subscription – prices, delivery and operation of the model

Subscription options have remained the domain of digital and telecommunications services for years. Now they are spreading to other areas of life. With box diets appreciated by consumers, the sale of subscription-based dog food was only a matter of time. The industry is constantly evolving with new proposals for customers. It is more than delivering a certain amount of the ordered food to a given address every week or month. Dog food subscriptions are increasingly moving towards personalization for a specific pet. There is also an increasing emphasis on the quality of the food served to pets.

Subscribed dog food is purchased by approximately 5% of Poles

Such data for 2021 is provided by the Digital Poland Foundation, dealing with the broadly understood digitization and innovation in the economy. Experts predict that more and more pet owners will use the subscription model of purchases. Dog food subscription is a relatively new idea on the Polish market. The first offers of regular deliveries of dog food to the door appeared in 2016. As you can guess, the time of the pandemic and quarantine sharply increased the demand for this type of service for several different reasons, as can be seen from reports from foreign markets.

Delivery of subscription dog food is the norm in other countries

According to the IBIS World report, there are more than 430 companies offering dog food on subscription in the UK. Directly supplying customers already generates £ 727 million in revenue per year. Experts estimate that until around 2026, the dog food subscription sector will retain a high, although lower dynamics of growth than at the first lockdowns.. In the years 2020–2021, it was even 10.4% per annum! This was mainly due to:

  • increasing dog owners’ pet food requirements (individualisation of the offer);
  • greater awareness of the different needs of different dogs;
  • initial restrictions on movement, which over time turned into choosing a subscription-based delivery of dog food for your own convenience;
  • increased demand for dogs (and other pets) that could keep company during forced confinement;
  • entry into the industry by large retailers, e.g. supermarkets delivering locally.
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In the British Isles, the purchase of subscription food already accounts for over 25% of all sales of food for dogs. November 2020 was record-breaking in this respect, when subscriptions generated 36.2% of the revenues of the entire industry.

Dog food subscription – benefits

There is no need to go to the store in person, because the order is always waiting at the door (or delivered by a courier) at the agreed time. Sellers offer discounts and other benefits to regular customers, but price promotions are most often used by Polish companies. To encourage the purchase of dog food on subscription, they offer a permanent discount of 5-10% from the value of a standard, single online order. How much does such a weekly, monthly or annual subscription to pet food actually cost? It depends on:

  • ingredients from which the feed is composed;
  • the amount of food.

Both of the above factors are mainly due to:

  • the breed, size and weight of the dog;
  • the lifestyle of the quadruped (e.g. according to the division into sandwiches, walkers and sportsmen);
  • his health (including castration / sterilization);
  • the age of the animal.

The subscription karma saves you more than just time and money

The flexible approach of pet companies allows consumers to modify the parameters of the subscription. For example, in summer, some dogs eat less often. Then you have the option of reducing the portion and / or frequency of deliveries. Dog food subscription vendors often have a calculator on their website to calculate the subscription amount. As a rule, you can cancel the service completely at any time without incurring additional costs. Subscribing to dog food is (yet?) Not a subscription to TV, Internet or telephone, so that customers sign long-term contracts. You already know what benefits you can count on by switching to this model, but what will your dog get from it?

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Dog Food Subscription – Animal Benefits

It really depends on the offer itself. Some sellers add to the food, for example, free toys, advice for owners or accessories useful for training or caring for a four-legged friend. The biggest advantage of the subscription dog food supply, however, is that the food is much better matched, fresher. Often prepared according to the same standards as meals for people! Fresh feed on subscription can:

  • extend your dog’s life. According to research by Dr. Gérard Lippert and Dr. Bruno Sapy, up to 32 months;
  • significantly improve your pet’s health and thus reduce the number of visits to the vet. A specially composed diet is of great importance, for example, in the treatment of diabetes, obesity and many other diseases in dogs;
  • positively affect the condition, digestion and teeth of the dog;
  • Provide your dog with all the natural nutrients they need, something that cannot be said about most canned, bagged or homemade dog food recipes.

Subscription delivery of dog food – is it worth it?

By using this solution, you will certainly pay more than serving your pet crisps, sauce feed, sticks and other products of even the most popular and largest brands. At the same time, many – we mean mainly scientific studies and the opinions of veterinarians – indicate that the transition to an individually tailored diet will benefit your dog. It’s a good idea to try out a few subscription feeds for a while before trusting one supplier. Ultimately, you decide how to care for your best friend and how much you can spend on them.

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Dog food subscription in Poland is only just entering the stage of dynamic development. The awareness of pet owners who expect high-quality food is changing. Buying “dog leftovers” in a butcher’s shop is becoming a thing of the past. There are more and more subscription offers on the market, often enriched with various extras. Will the expected economic crisis force savings on dog food and stop the development of the subscription model? We still have to wait for the answer to this question.