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Dog eats Nutella®: what to do?

Who doesn’t love Nutella®? It is a common food in almost all families all over the world and is suitable for a tasty snack if accompanied by bread, croissants or other delicacies. Many pet owners want to share this delicacy with their four-legged friend. But what if the dog eats Nutella®? Like us, dogs are also somewhat tempted to taste this tasty hazelnut cream.

In this article you will find a complete guide on whether or not to give this pasta to your dog and on the effects it has on Fido’s body.

Can Nutella® be given to dogs?

No, dogs cannot eat Nutella® because it contains harmful ingredients dangerous for the health of our four-legged friends.

Some people think that any human food will do for their pets, but they are wrong. Before offering any food to your puppy, seek advice from your veterinarian.

Is Nutella® bad for dogs?

Yes, Nutella® is poisonous to dogs. This spread is not considered safe for dogs and can put your pet’s health at risk.

The main reason behind the toxicity of this cream is its ingredients. Nutella® appears to be a chocolate cream, but in reality it is mainly made up of sugar, oil and hazelnuts.

Toxic ingredients of Nutella® for dogs

None of these ingredients are good for your dog, especially when taken in large quantities.

The main component of this famous hazelnut cream are the metilxantine (theobromine e caffeine) contained in the lean cocoa, very dangerous for dogs if ingested. They can severely damage the heart and neurological system and even be fatal to dogs. They cause symptoms such as:

  • extreme hyperactivity;
  • internal bleeding;
  • heart attack;
  • muscle tremors.
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Fat and sugar should have no place in a healthy diet for your pet. Dogs hardly digest fats and they have the same consequences on your pet as they do on us humans: they make us fat. If consumed in excess, they can cause: pancreatitis, increased heart rate, internal bleeding, agitation and seizures.

Symptoms of Nutella® poisoning in dogs

A small amount of hazelnut spread may not seriously harm your pup. However, ingesting large amounts could put your pet’s health at risk.

The following are the signs associated with ingesting this spread:

As soon as you observe the following symptoms, contact your vet immediately.

What happens if a dog eats Nutella®?

If Fido has ingested a large amount of Nutella® and you notice any negative effects, contact the veterinarian o one poison control center for animals.

However, if you think taking your faithful friend to the vet might take time, then give your dog first aid.

If you notice any strange behavior in your dog, act quickly. Don’t wait because if your dog eats Nutella® it can lead to convulsions, coma or even death.