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days later, a “double” cat arrives!

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Did man see double?

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Stanislav Zak he spent many sleepless nights after his black and white cat he disappeared long ago. Zak hoped and prayed that the little guy would come back.

And then it did – or at least that’s what its owner thought. Because about a week later, a second black and white cat appeared at Zak’s door, and it looked identical to the first. And we really mean it identical!

Double vision or reality?

Zak was, to say the least, a little scared by this strange happening. Was he seeing double? Had his prayers opened a portal to a parallel dimension?

Stanislav was puzzled. Then the confused cat dad had an idea that was as brilliant as it was simple. Zak shot several photo of twin cats and compared them to old photos of her cat.


After a thorough analysis, Zak determined that the second cat was actually his “real cat”. First part of the mystery solved.

As for the second part, Zak remains unanswered. He doesn’t know where it comes from “double” cat or why it appeared at such a serendipitous moment.

He will probably never know. However, when the universe gives you a gift like this, you just have to welcome it with open arms. And so Zak decided to let the other cat stay. It seemed like the right thing to do.

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A viral post

Stanislav shared the story via his Twitter account, along with a photo of the two kittens and this caption:

“Last month my cat went missing. A week ago I found it and brought it home. Today my cat is back. Now I have two cats.’

Strange, just strange!

Some questions are unanswered. But who really cares?

One cat has a new home, another kitty has a new furry little brother, and Zak has two cute little furballs in his life now.

All’s well that ends well!

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