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Dad films what happens every morning between his daughter and the cat (Video)

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Ilenia Colombo

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In 2012, a video conquered millions of people. The reason? A family man was left speechless by the behavior of the house cat with his little girl.

Very often, like other pets, cats amaze us. A pleasant surprise capable of making the hearts of the most frivolous people beat when children as well as felines come into play.

The special relationship of a little girl with her cat

Many parents are unable to decipher what happens to their young children when they cry, scream, mumbleā€¦ because they are not yet able to speak.

However, what some parents also ignore is the amazing ability that children can develop. In fact, children are able to “communicate” with animals in a very special and unique way.

The little protagonist of the video we mentioned earlier loves to play with her cat. And so far so normal.

The surprising thing is that the little one is not able to talk to her older brothers, but when it comes to communicating with the house cat, everything changes!

An unusual morning routine

Every morning, the little one has the routine (and skill) of having a fluent conversation – for her tender age – with her four-legged friend. A truly amazing event!

The little girl looks for her beloved cat and when she comes face to face with him they start a lovely chat. And the feline responds immediately to give life to an almost non-stop dialogue. Who knows what they say!

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A morning habit that we adults are quite envious of because sometimes we are not even able to come up with a simple “good morning” as soon as we wake up!

How much we have to learn from animals!

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Please always be careful when your children play with cats and dogs. No matter how sweet your four-legged friend may be, sometimes not even the most patient of pets can handle a child who pulls his tail or hurts him. To prevent any unpleasant accidents it is always better to let animals and children play alongside adult supervision!