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Continental kennel club overview. Everything you need to know

The Continental Kennel Club is an all-around breed canine registry that was established in 1991 by a small and highly organized group of enthusiast dog breeders. The club gives room for experience breeders, educated dog owners, professional partners, as well as dog training experts who are found worthy in canine care and dog breeding.

Ever since its inception, the Continental Kennel Club has continued to render adequate canine registration services and superior membership experience to dog owners and aspiring breeders. More so, CKC is dedicated to educating enthusiasts dog owners as well as supporting them with an extraordinary bond that exists between humans and dogs.

So whether you’re a first-time owner or a seasoned breeder, choosing Continental Kennel Club for your canine education, registration services, and all wouldn’t be a bad choice. At least, for practical resources, you will get there and some of the other features and advantages that this blog post is on the mission to open your eyes to.


List of Services Rendered By Continental Kennel Club

As it has been said earlier, CKC was founded by passionate dog breeders who understand the legislative and economical challenges that owners or breeders face. They, therefore, provide numerous affordable services to ensure that the business of dog breeding is a bit easier and simpler.

Though not limited, some of the functions or services rendered by the Continental Kennel Club include all of the following:


CKC is popularly known for rendering several services and providing unique certification favors to every passionate dog owner and breeder.
Hence, if you will be registering your dog just to verify its genuine parents, purebred, or only interested in proofing the real ownership for your favorite pet, then CKC renders such kindly of services.


Also, the CKC dog owners or breeders have ample opportunities to exhibit their breeding program, training achievement, dogs, and puppies in any performance events and shows sanctioned by CKC.
Most often, these events and performance shows allow dog owners, breeders, and trainers to have their dogs or puppies evaluated by a trained and licensed person in such discipline.
In that case, a champion title will be recorded — permanently — for the dog on its CKC registration paperwork. As such, adding incentive and value to all its kennels, bloodlines, and breeding programs.


You will agree with me that a breed standard should not in any way be the only road map for the dog breed, but should also be a blueprint for a desirably functioning organism.
On this note, other than breed preservation, Continental Kennel Club is dedicated to batten the breed’s health as well as the quality of the dogs’ lives.
Its breed standards are also meant to encompass every single healthy physical quality that makes each one and every breed unique.
Thus, allowing dog breeders and owners to freely move away from unhealthy and detrimental conformation exercises that have plagued genuine parents dogs or purebred for years.



The registry understands the economic challenges and legislative problems that face and as such, rendering affordable services and ongoing support to make the dog breeding business a bit simpler.
Equally, the CKC offers special programs that are exclusively meant for the CKC breeders. These programs allow them to up their breeding programs among many other things.


Another function of the CKC is that the registry secures dogs information and maintains accurate records in a bid to provide their breeders and owners with a documented ancestry on breeding history, certified pedigrees, breeding, earned by canines, reports of produced offspring, championship titles, certificates, etc.


Part of the duty of the Continental Kennel dog registry is to empower owners and breeders with practical canine training and education to help strengthen the relationship between the owner or breeder and its pet.


If you want the world to know about your puppy, CKC also provides a search-optimized and affordable online platform to advertise puppies including multiple advertising, display options, and a contact form for potential customers.
Its puppy listing windows are very simple and user-friendly that anyone in the pup market will be able to navigate, irrespective of the breed they are looking for in the market.


Affiliate clubs are the domestic groups of dog lovers who are desirous to get their communities involved in dogs and puppies.
CKC together with affiliate clubs, therefore, come together to raise awareness, host fund-raisers, training practical sessions for various disciplines, among many other things.

How to Register a Dog with Continental Kennel Club (CKC)

3 Simple Ways to Register a Dog with the CKC - wikiHow

I need not remind you that the Continental Kennel Club allows owners and breeders to register purebred dogs. Thereby allowing them to establish ownership (where they lost their dogs) and track the progeny of future generations.

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Registration is very easy on CKC, you can fill forms directly on its official website and you can equally print them out, fill them, and mail them.
While there are several application forms on the CKC website, the form to choose will depend greatly on some factors. Below are the several types of registration on Continental.

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The litter application is one of the available forms on the CKC website. It is meant for registering puppy litter. If the breeder or owner of the litter owns both the sire puppy and dam, both purebred must be registered with the Club before the litter can be registered.


For official registration of an Adult canine on CKC, use the Canine Application. For the application to be granted, the sire puppy and dam must have been registered with CKC or any recognized CKC breed registry.


If you would like to apply or register for the evaluation of a dog whose paperwork has been damaged, stolen, lost, or without any prior registration.
For dog evaluation, a non-refundable fee of $50 will be charged per application, and submitting this application form does not in any way guarantee successful registration.


The Kennel application is specifically designed for the dog breeders or kennel members that wish to register adult canines with CKC Inc. Breeders or owners can register up to ten dogs using this application form.


Use this application form to request promotional materials, monetary donation, or event equipment for hosting and/or participating in any CKC-Sanctioned Event. The event could be an educational seminar, ceremonial show, canine sporting event, etc. The deadline for the submission of this application form is 30th September of each year.


For a request to list out a co-owner on the Continental Kennel Club official website, kindly use this co-ownership authorization form.


To transfer the ownership of a dog from one owner to another, then use this application form to process the deed of transfer ownership.
CKC made registration of any kind very simple and easier and this is one of its distinguishing features from other dog clubs or registries.

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Continental Kennel Club Breeder requirements

For your application to register a dog breed with CKC to be successful, certain requirements must be met.
Among these requirements are:

• An original Preprinted CKC Puppy application directed to the new dog owner to be produced and placed in the CKC breeding program;

• A permanent mode of breeding stock using microchip identification as well as DNA testing;

• Documented means of identification for every active canine within the breeding program;

• Documentation of any health screening or screenings performed on the breed or breeds produced within a program;

• The results of any regular health screening or screenings for the canines within the breeding program;

Note: all the above-highlighted requirements must be submitted for periodic inspections of the dog house facilities by any of the official CKC representatives.


• At the time of buying the puppy, make sure that the buyer or new owner completes his Pre-printed Puppy Application form. And submits the same to CKC to register and transfer the puppy ownership from the breeder to the new owner.

• More so, endeavor to resolve all sorts of complaints filed by any CKC club member against you in line with the official CKC Inc. rules and regulations.

• Make sure to prepare an instrument to record all kinds of agreement(s) made in respect of stud service(s) that is provided by a male stock dog or dogs from the breeding program.

• The contract instrument should spell out the stud service(s) conditions, payment arrangements, pre-defined terms or procedures where there are no offspring, as well as the plan to distribute the offspring in the event where there are few.

• Another important condition precedent to the successful registration for a dog breed on CKC is your acknowledgment and adherence to the guidelines and ethical breeding standards that are defined in the CKC breeder Code of Ethics.

• Lastly, you must provide the owner of the newly produced or placed puppy with a purchase agreement as well as a health guarantee from the breeding program.

Once, you meet and satisfy all these requirements, the tendency is very high that your CKC breeding application will be genuinely granted.


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Difference Between American Kennel Club and Continental Kennel Club

There are several breeds of dogs across the globe and being a passionate dog lover, choosing the best breed for yourself could be somehow difficult.
Not when every single breed in existence would start to be looking perfect for you.

AKC means American Kennel Club and it is the first dog registry club in the world while CKC Continental Kennel Club, also a dog registry and it was established subsequently after the success of the American Kennel ideas.

We shall therefore compare and contrast the differences between the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Continental Kennel Club (CKC).
These two dog registry clubs i.e AKC and CKC are very popular and famous in the realm of dog breeders and owners.

They both allow the registration of other purebred into their club. While their mode of operations seems the same they, however, have dissimilarities.
Their differences include:


AKC was the first dog registry club to be founded ever since the existence of the human race. It was established in the 1880s and not until the early 1900s before other clubs surface. CKC was recently established in early 1991.

Recognized breeds

The American Kennel Continental (AKC) has nothing more than 150 recognized dog breeds while Continental Kennel Club on the other hand has over 400 registered and recognized dog breeds in their Kennel club.


The rate at which AKC registry club charges is high and alarming. This registry dog club charges for the canine and litters registration. Whereas CKC only charges for the canine registration and as such, making the registry club comparatively lesser.


Another area of dissimilarity between AKC and CkC is in their registration process. For AKC registration, it’s a condition precedent that both the parents must be AKC-registered.

On the contrary, this rule is not in any way applicable in CKC. What is actually needed is that the dog mother must be CKC-registered and the father registration isn’t a requirement. Thus, enhancing mixed and pure breeds of dogs along the line.


The standards, rules, and procedures of AKC are very strict and are usually followed up in other to prevent any kind of inbreeding from happening.
In the case of the Continental Club registry their rules, standards, and procedures are much easier and lenient. So is one of the major reasons while it has a higher number of registered and recognized breeds.

What is CKC Preferred Breeder’s Program?

The Continental Kennel dog registry club Preferred Breeders Programme is an exceptional member service or program that is excursively developed for the CKC dog breeders association and kennel owners.

This “Preferred Breeders Program” couple high breeding standards with practical guidelines to support the better development and improvement of dog breeds. The Program also provides resources and support to CKC dog breeders to assist them in the establishment of a better breeding program.
Other benefits of the CKC preferred breeders program are:


Benefits of the CKC Breeders Program

You will be given a full year of electronic advertisement in the Puppies section of the CKC website.

• The dog breeder’s or owner’s name and contact information will be added to the “Preferred Breeder Program” Directory page.

• All members shall be given reserved bloodline rights. That is, their bloodline will not be used except with their kind permission.

• Special placement of online ads in the particular section designated for the Preferred Breeders Program.

• Recognition as a bonafide member of “Preferred Breeders Program” on the CKC Pre-printed Puppy Applications

• The breeder stand the chance to feature in the Continental Club Registry Insider Newsletter as the Preferred Dog Breeder of the Month

• Reservation of the canine name exclusive to the breeder. This means that the name you gave to your dog can not be changed unless you permit them to do so. Etc.

The Pros and Cons Continental Kennel Club

The Continental Kennel Club came into the limelight as a dog registry club in 1991. All its requirements for successful registration are nowhere as strict as that of the American Kennel Club and the likes. Such is one of its advantages that can hold up a fair amount of water in the circle of owners and dog enthusiasts.

Below are, however, some of the pros and cons of CKC that you may or you may not know about the highly patronized dog registry club:

• Continental Kennel Club shouldn’t be seen as the Canadian Kennel Club

Most often, the recently established Continental Kennel Club is usually shortened to “CKC”. This abbreviation is inconvenient because the Canadian Kennel Club could be shortened to “CKC” as well.
This is sad, irritating, and one of the negative features of the Continental Kennel Club. On the other hand, the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) is one of the leading kennel clubs in most English-speaking countries.
This means that whenever the term “CKC” is mentioned or pop up, the first thing to come to most people’s mind will be the Canadian Kennel Club and not Continental Kennel Club. Sad, isn’t it?

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• Less Complicated Registration Procedure

Any dog enthusiasts that know few things about the American Kennel Clubs (AKC) or any other kennel clubs of the same standard in other parts of the world will know how complicated, time-consuming, and strict it can be before their dogs are registered.

In contrast to the above, the Continental Kennel Club registration procedure or requirements are less rigorous and not complicated. While this may come as good news to some it should be able to send warning signals to other Kennel clubs.


• Not a Top Kennel Club

Obviously, CKC is not on the list of the top and leading kennel clubs with exotic international recognition. That is to say, the Continental Kennel Club is neither the first Kennel Club in existence nor the most famous registry in the States; American Kennel Club.

• Recognizes More Breeds

One of the pros of the Continental Kennel Club is that it recognizes more dog breeds compare to what is obtainable in the highly celebrated American Kennel Club.
In fact, the CKC recognizes 450 or thereabouts dog breeds, whereas the famous American Kennel Club only recognizes 150 or so dog breeds.

• Recognizes Extinct Breeds

Unlike what is obtainable in other Kennels and dog registry clubs, the Continental Kennel Club always welcomes dog breeds that are considered to be extinct by other dog experts.
For example, the recently established dog registry recognizes the less celebrated Hawaiian Poi Dog. Don’t be surprised, that is what Continental Kennel Club knows how to do best.
As a matter of fact, the Hawaiian Poi dog breed was declared extinction for a very long time. That there are no depictions of the breed recognized to be authentic.

• Lack of Documentation

Most dog registry clubs out there allow people who are eager to know about the pedigree of a particular dog registered with them to look up the said information on their websites.
Whereas the CKC doesn’t offer such service and that’s why a lot of sites warn people to be careful when buying purebred puppies registered with CKC. Its pedigree can’t be traced in their log, they wouldn’t allow it.


• Less International Recognition

Sadly, the Continental Kennel Club doesn’t have a noteworthy reputation yet. And it is not going to gain much recognition or any reputation from the top kennel clubs in other parts of the world any time soon.
Reason being that CKC standards for different variety of dog breeds are with lots of significant differences. It can’t be overlooked from those of the leading registries in the kennel industry.

• With Puppy Mills, Continental Kennel Club is excellent

It is a known fact that the CKC makes it lots easier for passionate dog lovers to register their dogs, with ease, in their registry. Then it wouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that this kennel club’s reputation as a puppy mill friendly is on the rise.
In fact, many dog enthusiasts would argue that the club was purposely founded to cater to puppy mills. And such is a thing that any wannabe dog owner might want to hold on to when searching for a dog breeder with a good repute.


Dogs are largely known to be humans’ best friends and companions. Currently, there are numerous kennel registry clubs saddled with the responsibility of breeding dogs. In CKC, there are pure as well as mix breeds and the organization do not have any strict rules or complicated procedure for the purebred to be registered with them.

Also, the most prominent club at the moment is American Kennel Club. But the impact of Continental Kennel Club in reducing the registration burden and catering for puppy mills can never be overemphasized. This among other things is what earned Continental Kennel Club the nickname “ the dog mill of America”.

Very soon, CKC will become a recognized organization with a popular reputation thus becoming a go-to registry club for pure-breeders and wannabe dog owners.


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