Cockatoo parrot – what is this bird characterized by

“Cockatoo parrot” is a very general term as it describes the entire cockatoo family. There are also specific subfamilies within it:

  • nymphs;
  • mourners;
  • kakadu.

It is the latter that we intend to focus on in our text. All cockatoos have several features in common – these animals nest in tree hollows, both male and female hatch eggs, and birds enjoy a long life. They also have a similar place of origin, which we will discuss in more detail later in the text. Within one subfamily there are also several species of birds. One type of cockatoo may differ from others, e.g. with the color of the feathers. Read more about these fascinating creatures and see if you can make one of them your pet!

Cockatoo – a bird native to Australia and East Asia

Cockatoo parrots live in various places in Australia and Asia. It is worth mentioning here that some varieties are endemic. This means that they are naturally present only in one place on Earth and are not clustered in other areas. Some birds inhabit the islands of Indonesia, others can be found in Tasmania and New Guinea, and still others are found in eastern Australia. From there, they were also transported to other islands in Oceania and to Asia. As breeding birds, they can be found on most continents.

Cockatoo parrot in the wild – why is it considered a pest?

Birds of this species gather in flocks of up to 100 pieces. In this way, they travel together, look for food and carry on their daily lives. Cockatoo in such a group can cause people a lot of trouble and cause some blood problems, because alarmed parrots make loud noises. While a home park will only be a bit of a nuisance, a herd living in the wild can be almost as loud as a jet taking off. Cockatoo parrots also have very hard and sharp beaks. With their help, birds can destroy crops and even wooden houses. Although they are unique specimens for breeders, they can die from shotguns in the wild.

Cockatoo parrot – how long does it live?

Another characteristic feature of the cockatoo is its longevity. Some subspecies reach a fairly standard age of around 25-30 years, but this is relatively rare. Much more often these birds live over 40 years. Some varieties can even easily exceed sixty, and the oldest representative of the species was 83 years old! Although the average home cockatoo parrot is unlikely to reach this age, you should be prepared for several years together. It is not uncommon for pets to outlive their owners, so you have to remember that this is a real commitment for years.

Kakadu – a parrot with many color variations

As already mentioned, “cockatoo” is a very broad term. This family includes various species that differ mainly in color, but also in size. We present the most popular varieties cockatoo parrots and the differences between them:

  • pink cockatoo – has a gray color on the wings, tail and back, but its belly, neck and area under the beak are raspberry-colored. The tip and beak are white;
  • yellow-breasted cockatoo – this is one of the most famous birds and most people will probably immediately associate it with the cockatoo. It has white feathers practically all over its body, but the tip as well as the inside of the feathers and tail are tinged with yellow. The beak is dark gray;
  • palm cockatoo – one of the most spectacular-looking varieties, it has black plumage and red beak areas. It also has a very distinctive, protruding tip;
  • firecracker cockatoo – this cockatoo parrot is one of the most original looking birds. Its entire body is salmon pink, the wings and beak are white, and the tip is very characteristic. The latter has three colors – white, reddish and yellow, and such a color trio is a bit like flames;
  • white cockatoo – similar to the yellow-crested variety, but has no yellow markings and is all white. It is distinguished by a characteristic, very large comb, which it unfolds in the moment of danger. Contrary to all of the above varieties, it is rare and is considered an endangered species.

It is also worth noting that regardless of a given color variety, it is very difficult to distinguish a male from a female. Both sexes look virtually identical and the most reliable method to distinguish specific birds is to perform a feather genetic test.

Characteristic feathers of a cockatoo parrot – is it a suitable bird for allergy sufferers?

The tip of the cockatoo is their characteristic feature not only because of their appearance, but also because of the so-called dusting. It is a protective process during which the feather tips break down into fine dust. This one then settles all over the bird’s body. As you can guess, the particles are literally everywhere afterwards, so cleaning can be really bothersome. For the same reason, the cockatoo parrot is not the best bird for allergy sufferers. People with allergies can experience severe symptoms due to feather residues throughout the house.

Cockatoo parrot – breeding that the bird needs

By far the best place to hide birds is an outdoor aviary. It is also a good solution because it gives a lot of available space. The cockatoo parrot is a species that needs a lot of exercise. Being active allows the birds to discharge their energy, but also reduces gaining weight, which they are prone to. In the cage, pets may not have enough space and may become frustrated and nuisance. A dissatisfied bird will certainly be a nuisance for even the most understanding owner, so it is worth betting on an aviary.

What is the nature of the cockatoo bird?

The cockatoo is a very social bird. He needs contact with a man to whom he will be a loyal and very devoted companion. Parrots can even copy human movements, so they are sure to provide a lot of entertainment for children and adults. Remember, however, that a pet also needs the company of another representative of its species. Two birds will keep each other entertained and also support each other. However, improperly kept bird can be extremely troublesome. He will be loud, aggressive and may even be self-aggressive.

Cockatoo parrot – how to care for it?

A cockatoo parrot that is not provided with the right conditions can quickly become a companion from hell. For example, if you keep her in a cage that is too small, she will not hesitate to demolish her space. It can also chew through the wooden grilles, so you need to buy a non-toxic metal aviary. Don’t forget that if a cockatoo is deprived of human contact, it can become lethargic and apathetic. Prolonged condition can even lead to depression, resulting in, for example, plucking out feathers.

Can the cockatoo parrot talk?

As already mentioned, the cockatoo is a companionable and loyal animal. These birds can show their affection by, for example, mimicking their handler, or even by striving for physical contact and cuddling. They are intelligent and can master imitating ambient noises. It is random sounds (e.g. of various household appliances) that they come out better than human speech. The cockatoo parrot can imitate single words, but it will not be a talker like an African Gray Parrot. However, it should be remembered that the sounds made by birds are loud.

Cockatoo parrot and its diet

On freedom The cockatoo parrot eats mainly grains, but also fruits and vegetables. Growers should try to imitate this diet, which can be easily achieved by purchasing ready-made grain mixtures. Food should also be supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables. Birds can also be served insect larvae from time to time – it will be an excellent source of the necessary protein. In addition, nuts will work as a snack or reward. Due to their high fat content, however, they should only be served occasionally.

How much is a cockatoo parrot?

How much is a cockatoo parrot? The price depends primarily on the species. However, whatever variety you choose, you need to be prepared for a very high cost. The cheapest birds cost about PLN 2,500. On average, prices range from PLN 3,000 to PLN 4,000, although there are also offers exceeding PLN 6,500. If you add the cost of building an aviary or erecting a ready one, you should find at least several thousand zlotys.

The cockatoo parrot is a companion unique in many ways. It requires a proper upbringing. You need to set clear boundaries so that the parrot does not show destructive tendencies. Properly socialized, it will certainly bring a lot of joy to the household members.