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Siamese fighting fish – information about the species

Fighters in a ball, and even in jars, are unfortunately a very common sight. You can find them in most pet stores. It seems natural to many people to keep these fish in such conditions. Meanwhile, fighters need aquarium tanks, proper nutrition and care. Check out what is worth knowing about these amazing creatures. Get … Read more

Algae eaters – get to know the most popular species

For many aquarists, algae eaters are creatures that absolutely must be in the tank. They are distinguished not only by their interesting exterior, but also by the role they have to play. The pet is a member of the so-called cleaning group – it helps to clean the aquarium of excess algae. However, it will … Read more

Fish gladiolus – all information about the species

Heller’s gladiolus are one of the most popular aquarium fish. Nothing unusual. They cost little, but forgive a lot. What conditions do gladioli need? Contrary to popular belief, these fish cannot live everywhere. Orbs and small containers can be discarded immediately. We advise on how to arrange an aquarium to make it a friendly place … Read more

Scalars – all information about the species

Angelfish are sometimes called sailing ships, which tells a lot about their body shape. These extremely popular aquarium fish are very beautiful and effective creatures. They are also distinguished by a complex and interesting disposition, which, unfortunately, is sometimes underestimated. It is worth providing scalars with the best possible conditions. What? Are these animals suitable … Read more

Fish discus – all information about the species

Discus fish (sometimes also called discus fish) are colorful, large and magnificent animals. It’s fair to say that they are the heart of any ornamental aquarium they inhabit. However, it must be remembered that discus fish do not forgive mistakes and have considerable requirements. Check what aquarium they need, what to feed them and how … Read more

Veils – all information about the species

Goldfish in crutches is a picture that probably all of us know. Veils, of course, require much larger and more diverse tanks, but they will work great in the home of a novice aquarist. Check what are the needs of the species of veils, what to feed them and how to reproduce. Do you wish … Read more

Guppies – all information about the species

The peacock’s eye guppy is a fish that probably everyone knows. These individuals are distinguished by quite significant sexual dimorphism. This means that the male and female can be easily distinguished at first glance. Until recently, guppies were famous for their very high resistance to diseases. Unfortunately, irresponsible commercial breeding has somewhat reversed these trends. … Read more

Aquarium fish – the most popular species

Fish in an aquarium are an opportunity for many people to commune with the water world on a daily basis. Freshwater aquaristics is an extremely interesting hobby, so it is worth getting to know the most popular inhabitants of aquariums. Which aquarium fish will be good for beginners? Which species require more knowledge and experience? … Read more

Wedge razbora – the basic principles of breeding

The razbora, so known today, first appeared in European aquariums only in 1906. It was also in fashion quite quickly in Poland. The lack of special requirements meant that this species of fish quickly gained recognition and became the basis for many aquarists. In nature, razorfish live in herds, and one of their most characteristic … Read more

Shark catfish – the basics of breeding

The shark catfish has its own distinctive features. Gray-graphite coloration, pale underbelly, pale caudal fin – this is how you will recognize a shark catfish. This fish is also quite big. The record holders are up to 130 cm long, although in breeding conditions the catfish reaches a maximum of 90 cm. What conditions do … Read more