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Labor and Frida open the dance (Video)

A new reality is born in Italy. © Facebook @State Police From Grace Fontana Posted on 15/03/23 11:30 I police dogs they are at the service of citizens, catching criminals, discovering loads of drugs and so on and so forth. Often, however, their life is in danger and need immediate and special assistance. To remedy … Read more

Woman notices holes in dog’s skin and goes to the vet right away (Video)

A meaningless discovery. © Youtube @NEWS usToday From Anna Paola Bellini Posted on 01/06/19 14:12updated the 15/03/23 10:29 While her dog was playing peacefully in the garden of her house, Hayden Howard notice something very strange. The skin of the animal seems to be covered with insect bites. He decides to call his Mastiff to … Read more

TV presenter bursts out laughing when she sees the cat (Video)

This obese cat is trying to lose weight. © Youtube @ndrwy / WDBJ7 From Ilenia Colombo Posted on 15/03/23 08:01 To Susan Bahorich, presenter of the American television station WDBJ-7it was not allowed to laugh. He had to tell how a cat tries to lose weight with swimmingbut it has gone beyond its role. The … Read more

Paraphimosis in dogs: what it is and what to do

Our pets know no shame when it comes to their private parts. Some male dogs are more “exuberant” than others and sometimes in a moment of excitement the male organ can be seen peeking out. Nothing strange, except that sometimes this condition does not spontaneously return to normal. in this case we are talking about … Read more

Urns for dogs: the best choice

The best dog urns and grave plaques. © JPR03 / Shutterstock From Anna Paola Bellini Posted on 04/09/22 22:00 Every owner who loses his dog asks himself the question: of all the dog urns available, which one to choose? as? The choice essentially boils down to individual cremation with recovery of the ashes or burial … Read more

How long does dog heat last?

Many dog ​​owners worry about their health, especially if it’s their first experience with such an animal. Many wonder, for example, How long does dog heat last?and interpreting the signals that dogs show is not easy. Particularly in going into heat, animals show different behaviors from male to female and there are many doubts and … Read more

How to remove a tick from a dog without tweezers?

How to remove a tick from a dog without special tweezers is one of the most frequently asked questions for a pet owner. These parasites are a nightmare for all owners (as for dogs or cats). Parasites are present all year round, only that the danger for our four-legged friend is accentuated during the summer … Read more

Meet Maggy, the smart dog with amazing dexterity!

Maggie is an adorable little dog who lives with her owners in Tavullia, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino (Marche). The four-legged has a curious talent, which has left even Elenia, its owner, incredulous. Maggy, the dog who opens armored doors Maggy is a very sweet 11 year old English Pointer with a amazing … Read more

how to cure it and what to do?

As in man, when renal insufficiency is acute, i.e. it is not a degenerative pathology as in the case of chronic disorder, one can speak of renal block in the cat. Kidney blockage in cats refers to a condition in which the pet’s kidneys are blocked or obstructed, often due to a buildup of crystals … Read more

Orca wins, the Lagotto Romagnolo who never stops wagging his tail

A well deserved victory! © YouTube @Darren Odonnell – Instagram @crufts From Ilenia Colombo Posted on 14/03/23 11:30 All-Italian victory al Crufts Best in Showthe world’s largest dog event and the UK’s largest organization in the sector. It was Orca who won the 2023 edition held in Birmingham, England on March 12th. A Lagotto Romagnolo … Read more