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the transformation is unique, now wait for love (Photo)

Of Grace Fontana Posted on 26/10/22 17:00 His gaze conveys happiness, yet Gea in his only year of life he’s been through a lot. Reduced skin and bonesthis dog with a golden coat has now been reborn thanks to the volunteers of the ENPA in Piazza Armerina, in Sicily. Saved and cured When Gaea was … Read more

the decision regarding black cats is sobering

Halloween fear is upon us and with it, for animals with black coats, which, as has unfortunately been the case for centuries, are victims of stupid superstitions and ancient unfounded beliefs. Black cat adoptions suspended throughout the month of October and November. The news was communicated by Anna Ubbiali, a well-known animal rights activist from … Read more

Civita D’Antino welcomes its first mayor cat: it’s Miao!

The cat mayor of Civita D’Antino is called Miao and will remain in office for one year. © Facebook @Matteo di Fabio Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 26/10/22 08:00 Civita D’Antino, L’Aquila. From 12 October 2022 the small town in Abruzzo can boast of a very special “mayor”. The deputy mayor of Civita D’Antino has … Read more

Free veterinary care for pets and useful information

The pandemic was not enough to put millions of people in big economic difficulties: today the disproportionate increase in prices has raised the poverty line and more and more people are struggling to bear the medical costs for their pets. So let’s see in which cases it is possible to obtain free veterinary care and … Read more

How compatible are you with your pet? Find out with our test!

Find out how compatible you are with your dog or cat! © want / Shutterstock Of Grace Fontana Posted on 25/10/22 18:00 Cancers are too moody, those born under the sign of scorpio attack to defend themselves! How many times have we heard commonplaces about Zodiac signs? Well even our dogs and cats were born … Read more

Dogs lined up in Ukraine to receive something important

The photo of a group of dogs standing and neatly placed in single file made the rounds of the web after it was published by the entrepreneur, director and volunteer Nate Mook. We are precisely in a street of Kramatorsk, a city ofUkraine eastern, where a station was set up for the distribution of food … Read more

Don’t forget to get your cat and dog ready for October 30, 2022!

The time changes again: in the night between Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October we will have to move the hands back one hour. Generally, most people find the autumn time change very pleasant especially because you sleep an extra hour, but it is true that the days are getting shorter. However this is not … Read more

here’s what happens to cats and dogs

The effects of the solar eclipse on dogs and cats explained by the researcher Cnr. © Amanda Carden / Shutterstock Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 25/10/22 10:09 25 October 2022 11:20 am: Don’t look up! Yes, because at 11:20 Italian time we will see a surprising one solar eclipse (which turns out to be dangerous … Read more

The video of a child meeting a stray dog ​​breaks the soul

The child approaches the stray dog. © Facebook @lucyfomhelp Of Grace Fontana Posted on 25/10/22 08:00 Social networks are a gold mine and thrill when it comes to videos of dogs and children. Some pictures have been posted on Facebook showing the kindness of a child while making a gesture so tender that it melts … Read more

how much does it affect our animals?

The least welcome moment of the whole year by cats and owners is upon us: on the night between Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October 2022, the hands will be moved back one hour, from 3.00 to 2.00 at night. This means that you will sleep an hour less, and Micio may not like this … Read more