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A dog in a plane – how to travel with a pet?

Are you getting ready for a move, vacation or weekend trip? You don’t have to part with your favorite during this time. He can also travel with you to the closer and further corners of the world. How does a dog travel on an airplane? Travels with a four-legged friend More and more hotels and … Read more

Can dogs see in the dark?

You may have heard that dogs have remarkable night vision, but can they actually see in the dark? Many owners leave lights on for their dogs when they are out at night and even feel bad if they accidentally leave their dogs in the dark. But your dog probably doesn’t mind the dark. Your dog’s … Read more

Breed Profile – How to Create a Happy Home for Your Pet.

The Tornjak, also known as the Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Croatian Shepherd Dog, is an ancient breed of sheepdog from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. It was on the verge of extinction until some dedicated breed breeders revived it in the 1970s. The breed has been preserved, but the tornjak is still extremely rare. The Tornjak is … Read more

3 chic ways to customize your dog’s space with your aesthetic

If you’re the type of householder, that is just like that with the perfect color scheme, accessories, painting techniques, cozy blankets and the best amenities, you may not like the idea of ​​a dog crashing your fancy apartment. However, you don’t have to choose between your beloved dog and your ideal living style. Tiffany Leigh … Read more

Can dogs eat mochi?

Can dogs eat mochi? We all know that dogs cannot eat mochi because they have four stomachs. In fact, according to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), “Mo-Chi” may cause gas or bloating for your dog if eaten too quickly or left out of an airtight container overnight. Your dog … Read more

Can dogs eat chicken gizzards?

Chicken gizzards are a great way for dogs to get protein and other nutrients. But be careful not to feed chicken gizzards too often. They can be high in calories and fat compared to other foods, so don’t overdo it! A few times a week is plenty for most dogs. Gizzards are the muscles close … Read more

Can dogs eat pepper jack cheese?

Pepper jack cheese is not recommended to give your dog any type of cheese because it may have onion, garlic, or other spices that are not good for dogs to eat. Pepper jack cheese is no different and should not be given to your dog as a snack or meal because it could hurt their … Read more

Can dogs eat crackers and peanut butter?

Can dogs eat crackers and peanut butter? Crackers and peanut butter are, in fact, good for dogs. However, it is crucial to note that not all dogs can eat the same type of food. For example, dogs with allergies would need to be careful about what to eat. Crackers and peanut butter contain both protein … Read more

Can dogs eat green apples?

Green apples are not toxic for your dog. Many people think they are, but few know how much they contain the phytochemicals that provide many benefits. Nowadays, more and more studies have been done on the benefits of green apples, so you shouldn’t worry so much about giving them to your dog anymore. What are … Read more

Bernese mountain dog: Everything you need to know

Bernese mountain dog is a type of dog breed. A Bernese mountain dog is an exceptional breed of large, robust dogs. They have a great temperament, are extremely loyal and protective. Other characteristics include being intelligent, curious and intelligent, calm and quiet without being lazy or dull. In general, they are very easy to train … Read more