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Room upside down! Laughter when the culprit comes out (Video)

A totally upset salon! © Twitter Of Grace Fontana Posted on 19/10/22 18:00 In the evening you can’t wait to go home after a hard day at work! You come in, put on more comfortable clothes and finally you throw yourself on the sofa. But everything doesn’t always go as planned … If you … Read more

There is finally news about Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi!

Even the Corgi gave their final farewell to Queen Elizabeth. © Instagram @sarahferguson15 Of Grace Fontana Posted on 19/10/22 15:00 See the Corgi Sandy e Muick waiting for coffin of the Queen it was heartbreaking: the pictures have moved animal lovers all over the world. The British Queen’s intimate relationship with her four-legged friends even … Read more

A platform worker sees a shadow in the sea and starts running

Some workers who worked off the Golfo del Siam, inThailandaboard a oil plant, they made an incredible discovery. After sighted something in the seaone of them saw that an animal was floundering in the waves. Immediately rescued, he was rescued and placed in the care of a veterinarian. A long surprise While working on an … Read more

Cyclist approaches dog, video surveillance footage reveals horrible truth

A story that is unlikely. © Facebook @DIK Bicycles Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 19/10/22 08:00 On May 19, 2022, in Legnica, in Polanda disconcerting episode took place. Thankfully, the whole situation was recorded by a surveillance camera. Attempted poisoning And young man on bicycle stops in front of the shop DIK Bicycles in Legnica, … Read more

truths and lies of the saying

What it means to be like a dog and a cat? Popular expressions are effectively handed down because they contain concepts that would otherwise be difficult to describe in such a direct way. If you meet two people who are constantly arguing and teasing each other, you immediately think: “Those two are like cat and … Read more

Joe Biden suddenly realizes he’s not alone in the Oval Office

A photo that has been around the world. © Facebook @The White House Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 18/10/22 14:00 This shot from the White House on Monday, October 17, went viral immediately. No surprise! After all, it not only shows US President Joe Biden, but also his faithful four-legged friend. Joe Biden’s dog at … Read more

He buys a Maine Coon on the internet, but the vet finds out the truth

She would never have expected such an announcement. © Shutterstock Of Flavia Chianese Posted on 03/09/19 17:30updated the 18/10/22 09:30 Gabrielle loves Maine Coon cats, how to blame her? I’m wonderful felines, among the largest in the world, with a long and very soft hair. So, determined to get one, she starts looking up internet. … Read more