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How to tame a cat that is skittish?

The key to the most effective taming of a cat is the appearance of a pet in its life while it is still small. The ideal situation is when the kitten spends the necessary time – at least 12 weeks – with its mother, but at the same time has regular, positive contact with the … Read more

Cat castration – when (and if) to do it?

Regulating the conception of domestic cats is a very big challenge facing our entire community. In the case of males, especially those who do not leave, the owners often assume that the castration procedure is unnecessary. Nothing could be more wrong! Living with an uncastrated male cat is very difficult. Additionally, the lack of castration … Read more

Which cat leash to choose?

Many cats, having learned the charms of walks, can bring a leash and harness in their mouths to let their handler know that they want to go for a walk. Today, a cat on a leash is a completely normal sight. All you need to do is teach your cat to walk in a harness, … Read more

Cat deworming – how and when to do it?

When a kitten comes into your home, a visit to the vet is essential. The very first contact with the office results in deworming the pet. Children of cats are particularly vulnerable to diseases related to parasite attacks, but worming cats should also be obligatory in the case of adult cats. Neglecting this can have … Read more

How to raise a cat – tips

Memes about the wayward, independent character of cats have been one of the Internet hits for years. Although playful, they are not without right – pride and individualism are among the basic features of cats. Does this mean that raising a cat is impossible? Not at all – you just need to find the key … Read more

Cat furminator – what is it and how to use it?

Furminator is an increasingly popular tool not only in grooming salons, but also in private homes. It works great with cats, dogs and smaller animals. In stores you can find various models that are suitable for trimming animals of various sizes and hair lengths. We advise on how to use a furminator and which cats … Read more

What drives cats away? Odors unpleasant for cats

Caring for a cat can be very rewarding. Like everything, however, it also has its downsides. Cats sometimes squeeze into places that they are not allowed to enter. A common problem is also, for example, nibbling plants or scratching the couch. Wondering how you can fix it? Read our article and find out what repels … Read more

Cat brush – how to comb a cat and what to do with it?

Many cats enjoy brushing their hair. Then they relax and treat the treatment as a form of caress. Unfortunately, it often happens that for a cat brushing with a brush appears to be a real hell on earth. How do you find a middle ground and convince your cat that combing isn’t all that bad? … Read more

How to calm a cat? Calming down a cat under stress

Perhaps it seems to you that the cat has nothing to stress – that his life is a constant idyll, lounging, playing and napping. In reality, however, it is not the case. Cats get used to their surroundings and the rhythm of the day. Even seemingly minor and insignificant changes can throw a pet out … Read more

Cat bite – what to do with swelling?

“I was bitten by a cat, what should I do now?” – if you ask yourself this question, you’ve come to the right place. Although cats are usually docile furries that are happy to cuddle, they can sometimes be aggressive or just unpredictable. According to scientific studies, as many as one in three people bitten … Read more