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Cat fountain – ranking of the best drinkers

Cats must have constant access to fresh water. The fact that they are reluctant to drink it should not put you off. To activate your cat a little, give him a water fountain. Cat fountain – why does this work? Which accessories should you choose? Cat and water – a complicated relationship Animals, like humans, … Read more

Luge in a cat – why does a cat do this?

There are many animal behaviors that seem disturbing to caregivers. Luge in a cat is one of them. It goes without saying that cats sled for a variety of reasons that can be a cause for concern – but they don’t always have to. Check why! Among the many behaviors that irritate or bother owners, … Read more

American curl – meet the cat with curved ears

Cats can constantly fascinate their owners and surprise with unique skills. What catches the eye of cat lovers most in the case of the American curl are the playfully curved ears. American Curl – an intelligent and sociable cat from California – get to know him better! American curl – crooked ears and almond eyes … Read more

Advent calendar for a cat. How to make a gift to a cat?

Many caregivers treat animals as equal household members, not to say – their children. No wonder that some of them want to prepare an Advent calendar for a cat. How can this be done? Here is the instruction! If you are up to date with the offer of pet stores, you surely know that you … Read more

Cat bed – which cat bed to choose?

Choosing a cat bed seems quite simple. Meanwhile, as one of the resources, it can significantly improve your pet’s quality of life. A wrong or ill-considered choice at best will throw your money down the drain. At worst, it will lead to conflicts between cats. Observe your pet’s habits when looking for a suitable bedding. … Read more

Kitten sterilization – everything you need to know

Nowadays, birth control among domestic cats is an increasingly common practice. However, many people still fear that the cat will change her character after sterilization or that she will be unhappy. Fortunately, most of them have no real reflection whatsoever. So many myths have arisen around this type of procedure that most of us do … Read more

Cat collar – is it worth buying?

Currently, the pet gadget market is booming, which is why more and more caregivers are reaching for cat collars. They are available in all colors and patterns, so it’s very easy to choose one that will look great visually. However, not all collars available on the market are safe for the cat. Safe cat collar … Read more

Cat litter – wooden, silicone or maybe sand?

Every domestic cat keeper is aware that the litter box and its contents are an inseparable element of their coexistence with these animals. Reluctance to use the litter box can come from many sources. One of them is improperly selected cat litter. Therefore, this seemingly banal decision should not be taken hastily. An ideal product … Read more

Dogs and cats together under one roof – it’s possible!

Cat and dog are animals that in our consciousness are forced to be enemies. Both pop culture and language antagonize them. After all, enemies, not friends, live like a dog with a cat. However, there are dogs and cats that not only tolerate each other, but are even best friends. We advise on how to … Read more