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White-faced rosella, a parrot with beautiful feathers

White-faced rosella is a bird bred in homes mainly for the unusual color of feathers. These parrots are not only unique decorations. You must remember that these are living creatures with their own requirements. Rozella does not impose any special or difficult-to-meet conditions for the owner. It is enough to remember about proper food, space … Read more

Aviary – what is worth knowing about it?

An aviary can be called a very large cage, which is essentially a larger bird run. Very often, it also imitates the natural environment of birds thanks to specially selected toys and other accessories. Aviaries are, above all, a very practical solution. They are quite large, so you don’t need to release birds, because even … Read more

Lovebirds – what is this species?

The purchase of a canary, parrot, or other species of bird may be considered by many parents a great way to keep their child occupied and pet companion. However, it is worth remembering that they can be demanding pets, as exemplified by lovebirds. Their upbringing can be difficult, and although they usually do not cause … Read more

Katarzynka – an exotic breeding bird

Ajmarc are very popular breeding birds that do not require too much and are very pretty and quiet compared to other breeding birds. So if you are planning to buy a pet, consider a black-headed parrot. She will keep you company, and the children will be able to look after her. However, pay attention to … Read more

Nymph parrot – characteristics, price, nutrition, breeding

A pet of many people is a dog, cat or possibly a rodent. However, parrots can also make great family companions. A common species of these birds in Polish homes is the nymph parrot. What does it look like? What conditions do you need to provide? Is it excessively noisy? What cage will be right … Read more

Parrots – species, habits, home breeding

Dogs and cats are the most common pets. Hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles and fish are also popular. However, birds can be placed on an equal footing with them. Parrots are special household pets, and not only because of their unique abilities. It often takes a lot of time to tame them and maintain a friendly … Read more

Alexandretta parrot – characteristics, breeding and price

If you see a fairly large green parrot outside your home window, it does not necessarily mean that it has just escaped from someone else’s farm. Perhaps you are dealing with a collar alexandretta. Although the bird comes from the regions of Central Africa, the Indian Peninsula and Ceylon, it also lives and reproduces in … Read more

African gray parrot – talking parrot | Pets

Among the birds that can be kept at home, parrots undoubtedly stand out. They are colorful, active and sociable. They often delight guests and household members with their ability to imitate sounds. It is no different with the African Gray Parrot, which is able to repeat what it hears. What conditions does this pet need … Read more