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Breeding parrots – what kind of parrot to breed?

Parrots are beautiful, colorful birds that please the eye and keep company. In biological systematics, parrots are a whole row of birds that share common characteristics, such as a hooked, massive beak, nesting in hollows, and a very social disposition. Are you wondering which parrots are worth keeping? Breeding of nymphs, wavy parrots, lovebirds and … Read more

Periwinkle – what are these little parrots?

Periwinkles are birds that come from South America. In the wild, they inhabit areas of Bolivia, Brazil and Peru, where they choose moist deciduous forests. Periwinkles are quite long-lived birds, especially considering their small size – they can easily live to 25 years, and there are also individuals who live 40 years! This must be … Read more

Parrot cage – what will be the best?

A parrot cage is available at most pet stores. Unfortunately, this does not mean that all products are good and fulfill their purpose. They mainly differ in size. A parrot cage will be smaller than that for a macaw, and one bird requires less space than several pets. In addition, pens differ in material and … Read more

Parrots – drawing, or how to draw these birds?

Drawing parrots can be a wonderful decoration in any home. The feast of colors on feathers looks especially good on colored drawings, but it will also look good in shades of gray. Painting is also a great idea, but to get it you need to know how to paint a parrot. Working in a graphics … Read more

Solar contour – features of this species of parrot

The sun-leg is a bird that is far behind the more popular parrot varieties, such as parakeets or macaws. Despite this, many growers want to keep them at home mainly because of the unique color of their feathers. The solar horse is also distinguished by its activity and can be a noisy bird. This is … Read more

Cockatoo parrot – what is this bird characterized by

“Cockatoo parrot” is a very general term as it describes the entire cockatoo family. There are also specific subfamilies within it: nymphs; mourners; kakadu. It is the latter that we intend to focus on in our text. All cockatoos have several features in common – these animals nest in tree hollows, both male and female … Read more

Barabanda – what should you know before buying this parrot?

Barabandas are a sparsely distributed species of parrots. Like most representatives of this order, they are sociable, not very problematic and not afraid of man. The shield princess – as the full name of the species sounds – is no exception. She attracts with a gentle nature, which makes her a good companion in every … Read more

Amazon parrots – what should you know about these birds?

The Amazon parrot is one of the birds with an exceptionally exotic appearance. It is very popular in many homes, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Amazon parrots come in several different color varieties, which definitely affects the recognition of these birds. The richness of colors is inferior to multicolored aromas or other rainbow varieties, … Read more

Lora the Great – What You Need to Know Before Buying a Parrot?

The Latin name for this species is “eclectus roratus” and its customary name is “common red dye”. These animals come from around Oceania, specifically from the Solomon Islands and New Guinea. Birds can also be found on the northeastern coast of Australia. The Great Lora prefers a warm climate, which does not mean that it … Read more