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Cat tips – pros and cons of claw protectors

Have you ever heard of this new trend? Cat tips are gaining popularity among cat lovers all over the world. Why? What exactly are they and what does their usefulness look like? There are many conflicting views on this. Before you decide to buy, read the topic carefully. After all, it is not worth investing in something that could harm your pet.

Cat Claw Guards – What is it?

For some time now, the internet has been flooded with photos of colorful cat’s claw overlays. They look quite cute – they are available in various colors and sizes, which the owners can choose according to their preferences. If you decide to buy tips, adjust their size to your pet’s nails. Cat tips are soft, silicone protectors that are put on the claws – one for each.

According to the manufacturers’ assurances, these are products made of non-toxic materials that are completely harmless. These tiny accessories are put on separately, individually on each claw. You need to fill each individual overlay with the adhesive provided in the package, and then put it on the claws. After drying, the glue will make the cat tips stick firmly and will not fall off during play and everyday activities.

The trays stick to a cat’s paw like fingernails on humans. After proper installation of these accessories, colorful decorations will protrude from between the fur on the feet. Many cat owners just like it. Another advantage is the lack of scratching – yourself, furniture, other animals and the owner. It was this advantage that made the gadget so popular.

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Cat claw guards – advantages

Cat tips are not only fashion, but also functionality. Some veterinarians have recommended them as a great alternative to medications and behavioral therapy. In some cases, they can actually help – they stop your pet from scratching its skin into the blood. This is a problem that sometimes occurs in furries with allergies, dermatological diseases or after surgery, after which there are stitches. When the itching becomes unbearable, your cat forgets her common sense and may open up wounds. Thus, it unknowingly harms itself. Cat claw protectors effectively prevent this problem.

Cat tips – an effective way to protect furniture

If you are the guardian of one or more cats, you likely struggle frequently with scratched furniture and damaged items. Even a cat scratcher is often insufficient. In the eyes of the animal, the armchair or couch may appear much more inviting to scratching objects.

This is the reason why cat tips were created – and why they immediately became so popular. You could say that this is a kind of shortcut. Instead of teaching your cat unwanted behavior, you put overlays on your cat. Thanks to this, the pet will not scratch you while playing or damage your furniture. The only question is – what consequences does wearing such overlays have for the cat?

Cat tips – is it worth it?

You bought cat tips to get rid of the problem of scratched furniture and hands – but is this actually going to solve it? Unfortunately not. This is just a gadget that is bad for your cat’s health. You must remember that wearing protective covers will not make your cat scratching in the designated areas. Instead, it will prevent him from carrying out normal feline activities. It is inadvisable to forbid your cat something that is an essential part of its life.

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Remember that scratching is natural and important for a cat. A cat’s nail tips prevent him from eating and can cause a variety of behavioral problems. Why do cats scratch? Because:

  • this allows them to shed the dead coat and reveal a new, sharp claw. This is a process comparable to the shedding of a snake’s skin;
  • in this way, the cat exercises the ligaments and muscles of its forelimbs. They are needed for hunting, but also for normal, everyday functioning;
  • it is also a form of scent communication. The cat has scent glands on its paws. When it scratches, it leaves scent and visual cues on the surface that other cats can later interpret.

Why is the cat scratching the furniture?

If the main reason you are considering or purchased cat tips is for your couch scratching – consider if your pet has an alternative to satisfying their instincts safely. Even if you have a scratching post, it may not be suitable. Perhaps your cat does not like the type of material, height, location, or instability of the accessory? The place is particularly important here – the scratching post should be placed where the cat often stays.

The very structure of the scratching post may also sometimes be inappropriate for a cat’s needs. Some animals prefer to survive on horizontal surfaces and others on vertical surfaces. Try different products and let your cat pick her favorite. Patience and the right approach are often needed here. Take the time to teach your cat the desired behaviors. Cat pheromones or specialist behavioral therapy may be useful for this.

Cat Claw Guards – Consequences of Wearing

The cat is a predator and hunter by nature. He relies heavily on his teeth and claws to fight and play. The latter are built in a unique way that allows cats to eject them on demand. This way, they can stay sharp, long and at the same time not exposed to any injuries. It is also thanks to this that cats can sneak noiselessly.

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The above information about the nature of cats should make you realize that cats just need to scratch. Whether you like it or not, your pet will do it. His instincts and genetics make him do it. Cat tips only contribute to frustration. Animals cannot get rid of dead scales from their claws, exercise their muscles or mark the terrain.

Cat claw protectors can be even more frustrating for your pet when it wants to scratch it. The itchy skin then becomes a real nightmare. It is also more difficult to use the litter box. What’s more, the claws are protruding all the time through such overlays. The cat is unable to move naturally, maintain grace and stability. All of these factors lead to stress and serious behavioral and health problems.

Another aspect is also removing overlays. In some cases it is very difficult, requires a visit to the vet and costs everyone a lot of nerves. On the other hand, cat tips that do not hold very well can be hazardous if swallowed.

Cat claw covers – reviews

Opinions about cat claws differ. Most conscious cat owners strongly negate them. This is understandable as cat tips are unnatural and potentially very harmful. However, in some respects, wearing them also has positive consequences. They can come in handy when your cat has a tendency to scratch its skin to blood. However, it is safer to just regularly shorten cat’s claws – without interfering with nature.
Remember that a cat is a living creature with its unique needs and instincts. You cannot treat it as an object – a doll you can dress up as you like. Cat tips make him frustrated and uncomfortable. They prevent free movement and normal functioning. Before buying such accessories, think seriously about whether your pet really needs it.