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Cat scratcher – which one to choose? Tips

Cats are very popular as pets mainly because they are basically hassle-free. They do not need regular walks, can be left home alone longer than dogs, and in most cases are quiet and clean. However, they have their requirements that must be respected. The cat scratcher enables the fulfillment of some needs. It helps not only pets, but also their owners, as it protects the furniture from scratching. In addition, it can be a place for the animal to play or shelter. Some stands can be made by themselves – there are many tutorials on how to make a cat scratcher. You will also learn this from our text.

Why is a cat scratcher so important to him?

Many owners probably get irritated with their pets when they see them scratching wooden furniture, carpets or sofas. T.However, here you need to get to know the psyche of these animals and understand that it is their natural need. Scratching is primarily used to mark your territory. Pheromones between cat’s paws are most easily released when scratching objects. In addition, this activity is of practical importance – it enables the cat to sharpen its claws. Even if at home the purr does not have to hunt to survive, instincts make him look for a place where he could prepare his claws for any eventuality.

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Cat scratcher for large and small cats – what are the differences?

There are various types of scratchers available on the market, which differ, among other things, in height. It is worth choosing the item according to the height of the animal, because cats sharpen their claws in a stretched position. If you buy an item that is too low, the quadruped will naturally prefer having his needs satisfied on the couch. Buying a scratching post that is too tall shouldn’t cause similar problems. In the case of models with lairs or multiple levels, make sure that the cat can easily jump on them.

The stability of the cat scratcher – an extremely important feature

Due to the fact that the animal will be leaning on the scratching post, it must be sufficiently stable and cannot easily fall over. Some constructions can be extremely sophisticated and look great, but what about a unique appearance, if the cat will not want to use it? It is worth remembering that our flies are extremely skittish creatures. This nature derives from the fact that in the wild they are prey to birds of prey. If they lean against the scratching post once, which then topples over, causing additional noise, the chances of using it again will be slim. Therefore, you should choose a tree that stands firmly on the floor.

What can cat scratching posts be?

Manufacturers of pet accessories are trying to outdo each other in creating a variety of models that meet the needs of pets in a variety of ways. Scratching posts can take many forms – some are ordinary stakes tied with thick string, others are advanced structures with passages, tunnels and even hammocks. Models that an animal can enter are also very popular. This is a great solution because it combines the two needs of a cat – scratching and observing the surroundings from above. When looking for a scratcher, it is worth taking into account the preferences of a given cat and choose the right item according to them.

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Scratching post with a den – is it a good solution?

When browsing through the various offers, you will surely notice the many scratchers connected to the den. It is usually placed on some platform and provides the animals with a view of the entire room. Many owners may probably wonder if such a combination is a good solution – after all, the scratching post is a place where the pet often unloads its emotions, so does it make sense to combine it with the lair, where it is supposed to calm down? In fact, this is a very good solution, as it gives the cat exclusive space. These animals like to have several locations where they will spend their time most often, so they will certainly approve of such a lair.

Is it worth buying a cat scratcher with a house?

Similar to uncovered lairs are scratchers with a house, i.e. closed spaces where the animal can rest. This kind of closed space is a good refuge for the cat. It will work when guests come to the house or, for example, the pet is afraid of a vacuum cleaner or other object. A closed lair should be an absolutely safe place. The cat must not be disturbed in it, make noise near it, or use the place as a punishment for bad behavior. The house should serve as a comfortable shelter, so it’s best to choose a model in which the cat can turn around and settle freely.

Cat scratcher – how to make one yourself?

Home DIY enthusiasts will surely want to surprise the cat on their own and make their dream scratching post for them. Most often, boards and a musical string or cardboard are used to make it. If you decide to use wood, remember that the entire structure should be twisted to make it durable. When it is ready, it is worth sticking it with a soft material, thanks to which the cat will use it more willingly. It is best to wrap scratching posts with a rough cloth or string. Attention! It is strictly forbidden to use sandpaper for making a scratching post! This material can easily damage the delicate pads of cats’ paws.

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How to make a cat tree more attractive?

Sometimes even the most practical, comfortable or functional scratcher will not be very popular with your cat. Then it is worth moving him to another place, preferably one that is calm and allows him to sharpen his claws without contact with people. You can also place it where the cat scratches furniture most often. Another strategy worth trying is rubbing catnip on the object or something else the animal likes. You can also make the item more attractive. Various types of strings, balls or feathers will be useful for this, which will encourage your pet to play.

A suitable cat scratcher should be adapted to the animal’s needs. It is worth choosing one that will include a lair or a closed house, which will increase the likelihood that the pet will like the accessory.