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Cat fountain – ranking of the best drinkers

Cats must have constant access to fresh water. The fact that they are reluctant to drink it should not put you off. To activate your cat a little, give him a water fountain. Cat fountain – why does this work? Which accessories should you choose?

Cat and water – a complicated relationship

Animals, like humans, need water to function properly. Dehydration in cats can lead to serious disease or organ damage. The animal’s kidneys and urinary system are the most vulnerable. Not having enough water in the body can eventually kill your pet. So this is an issue that, as a loving owner, you cannot neglect.

Fries do not care much about this theoretical knowledge and are reluctant to the drinking bowl. This is not always due to their general aversion to water. In the wild, cats often provide fluids to the body through food. So feeding your little dog wet food is a good way to keep him hydrated. Dry crunches, when they swell in the belly, absorb a lot of water. You don’t have to limit yourself only to sachets with pieces of meat in sauce. You can also give your pet pates or jellies.

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The cause of the problem is often the quality of the water, and more precisely its freshness. A bowl of water, standing for several hours is not as attractive to a cat as a freshly poured drink. Bacteria proliferate in the stagnant water. The cat’s nose is very sensitive and you will immediately notice that the contents of the bowl are not suitable for drinking. So it’s important to give your pet fresh water every day. Also, remember about the right amount of infused drinking. The excess water will be wasted, but also there must be too little of it. Closing it in a special container will not extend the shelf life. So the best way is to replace the bowl frequently and not refill it completely.

The cat drinks tap water.

Other reasons why the cat does not drink water

If you buy your cat a bowl based solely on taste, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t want to drink or eat from it. Mruczek often does not like models that move, stand on a stand or are placed on an uneven fragment of the floor. The water bowl should not make noises that will scare the animal, and the material from which it is made should not change the taste of the liquid. The diameter of the opening giving access to the water is also important. A ceramic bowl turns out to be the best choice – it is heavy, difficult to knock over or damage.

Regardless of the material used to make the watering pot for your cat in your home, check it regularly for fungi. Although you may barely notice them, purrs have such acute senses that they will immediately sense the lack of freshness in the water.

The place where it is placed may also be the reason why the purrs dislike water. Obviously, the cat’s drinker should not be placed next to the litter box. It also bothers some purrs when it stands next to… a bowl of food. What may be logical and even natural for you will turn out to be an obstacle for your cat.

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How can I encourage my pet to drink water?

An adult purr must drink 100 to 200 ml of water during the day. How to make a cat water bottle interesting? Many caregivers give the animal ice cubes and add them to drink. Some individuals prefer ice-cold water. Frozen cubes also keep the fluid fresh for longer. However, be careful not to let your cat’s drinking get too cold.

Serving small but frequent meals is another good way of feline handlers to encourage your pet to drink water. Your pet will feel thirsty immediately after eating. It is also worth placing bowls or small glasses of water in several places around the house. The cat will gladly drink it during the day. He can also drink from your glass when you leave it on the table after a meal. Many caregivers encourage their furry pupils to drink by adding a little broth to their bowl. Topping up with a bottle? There is no such need for adult cats. Special bottle will work when you need to feed your kittens with milk, because you saved them after their mother left – not an adult pet.

The cat drinks water from a glass.

For a cat, water that remains in motion is much more attractive than just standing in the bowl. This is why he eagerly jumps into the sink or bathtub and drinks the droplets flowing from the tap. If you treat your pet to water regularly in this way, it is very likely that you will create a small ritual. Take advantage of this weakness of the purr and turn the bowl into an interactive cat drinker. Buying an automatic fountain is a more economical solution than leaving the tap dripping. The device also works well when you need to leave for a few days. Same as feeders and feedersa cat fountain will provide your pet with fresh water while you are away.

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Cat drinker – which one to choose?

A drinking bowl, a cat fountain can take many shapes, have different capacities and even different functions. Before you choose a model for your pet, be sure to check it beforehand. What’s the best cat fountain? The ranking prepared by Apetete will surely make your choice easier. Before that, however, see what to look for when shopping.

Adjust the size of the drinker to your pet’s needs. If you have a few purrs at home, you will definitely need a larger model. It is important that the selected cat fountain is stable and that the animal does not easily tip it over. A properly balanced device will also not move when the cat decides to drink water from it. The water does not splash out of the well-shaped drinker. The width of the vessel is very important. A cat whose tender whiskers are irritated while drinking water may also become discouraged from the drinker.

Before buying, check that the cat fountain is easy to clean. It is worth reading opinions on the Internet. It’s good if you can clean some elements of the device in the dishwasher. This is the easiest way to keep the accessories clean. The drinking bowl of a cat fountain, as well as the bowl, must be washed regularly. Otherwise, the cat will also become alienated to him. Devices equipped with a carbon filter are also noteworthy. It works similarly to water filter jugs.

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Cat fountain, the cat drinks water from the fountain.

Cat fountain with a motion sensor

A sensor cat fountain or plugged-in model has a constantly running motor. It is worth not to make it loud and bothersome sound. Otherwise, the machine will quickly prove annoying, not helpful. The noise will also scare the home favorite. A cat fountain with a motion sensor must be connected to a power source. Take this into account when finding a place for her in your home. Make sure you also check that the device cable is long enough.

The water bottle is one of those cat accessories that you should have in your home. It is comfortable for the owner and attractive for a little purr. Animals are really eager to drink it, even those unfriendly to a bowl full of water. Don’t choose the first better device. Adjust it to your, and above all feline, preferences. What’s the best cat fountain? The Apetete ranking will help you make the best choice. It includes several devices that have already proven themselves in many homes. Each of them is safe for the animal and durable. How are they different?

Trixie cat fountain

This practical cat drinker will work well in an apartment where one purr resides. It holds 0.6 l of water, which you can easily refill. The drinker will work both every day and when you have to leave for a few days. Your pet will not run out of fresh water during this time. Automatic drinker Trixie it is made of high-quality non-toxic plastic. It is easy to keep clean. Easily refresh them and make sure that your cat’s water is safe to drink.

Pet Nova Smart H20 cat fountain

Do you have more purring pets and want to provide them with constant access to fresh water without worrying that while you are away from home, the bowl will run out of it? To do this, select an automatic drinker Pet Nova Smart H20. The tank holds 3 liters of water. Undoubtedly, there will be no shortage of her purrs. Thanks to the lid on the tank, no dust or dirt can get into the drinker, which helps to keep the liquid fresh. The device is made of high-quality plastic. The material is non-toxic and the drinking bowl structure is stable. A large amount of water will not outweigh it. Everything is easy to keep clean.

Catit 2.0 Flower Fountain Mini Cat fountain

The tank of this cat drinker holds 1.5 liters of water, which stays fresh for a long time. So you can be sure that your kitten will quench his thirst without risking losing his health. Located in the fountain Catit 2.0 Flower Fountain Mini the filter cleans and softens tap water, and in addition, it is a barrier to dirt or food residues that accidentally flow downstream.

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The construction of the fountain encourages the purr to drink water. You can set one of three modes of its flow. It all depends on how you place the flower. This function will allow you to diversify your drinking of water, but also to adapt to the preferences of your pet. Even the most demanding and unconvinced cats are intrigued.

Cat fountain, the cat drinks water from the fountain.

Yarro cat fountain watering bottle for a universal bottle

This is an extremely versatile drinking fountain for a cat. It has been profiled in such a way that it can be combined with a water bottle with a capacity of 0.5 l, 0.7 l and 1.5 l. This solution is practical for several reasons. First, you decide how much water you leave for the purr. Then you unscrew the bottle, attach it and it’s ready – you don’t have to pour the liquid into the container with the drinker. Secondly, you can use it while traveling or staying in a hotel. You won’t have to wonder where to get fresh water from. Third, a drinker yarrow it is really easy to keep clean. It does not require any nooks and crannies. The product is made of non-toxic, animal-safe plastic.

How can I encourage my cat to drink water? Discover the effective method recommended by the Apetete expert

Do not be afraid that only your purr is picky and reluctantly leans over the bowl of water. Most cats behave similarly. The situation is all the more worrying that the longer your pets refuse to drink, the more they risk their health. At a critical moment, a visit to the veterinary office will be necessary. When? When your pet becomes lethargic, it will stop playing and will be sporadic in the litter box. Also, make sure the faeces are the correct color and not mixed with, for example, blood. If anything worries you, report to the vet who will diagnose your pet and assess its health.

A good incentive should convince the purr to drink water, thus avoiding unpleasant consequences. How to deal with a stubborn kitten? Use the advice of an Apetete expert.

Expert advice

A cat fountain will make drinking water attractive to him

Instead of water standing in a bowl, flies will prefer the one dripping from the tap. Use this weakness to encourage them to drink more often. A drinker or a special fountain is the best way to keep your pets freaking out. This solution is also extremely helpful when you are away for two days and have nobody to leave your purring pet with. What to consider when choosing a device?

A cat drinking fountain should be easy to clean, stable, and made of safe materials. It cannot make too loud noises, as it will scare the cat away. The size must match the purr – you won’t drink water from too small a drinker. Proven and good quality fountains can be found in the Apetete store. See how large a selection of cat accessories is on offer. Also share your opinion on the tested products – this will help other buyers make a final decision.