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Cat collar – is it worth buying?

Currently, the pet gadget market is booming, which is why more and more caregivers are reaching for cat collars. They are available in all colors and patterns, so it’s very easy to choose one that will look great visually. However, not all collars available on the market are safe for the cat.

Safe cat collar – which one to choose?

The cat collar is controversial due to the nature and nature of this pet. Unlike dogs, cats are not terrestrial animals. They willingly climb trees and fences, jump and walk in various, often tight places.

cat collars

If a cat that goes out unattended gets caught on a protruding piece of branch or any other object, it can easily hang on the collar. So choosing a good accessory is a matter of your pet’s life and death.

What collar should I choose to be safe? First of all, it is a matter of the proper fastening. The offer of the best producers of pet accessories includes collars designed especially for cats, which unzip when strongly pulled. So if the cat is in danger, the collar will open, freeing it from the trap.

cat collar

If you want your cat to wear a collar, be sure to choose one with the appropriate fastening. Classic collars are not suitable for animals of this species. They pose a deadly danger to them. It is worth remembering that an accident can happen not only outside, but also at home.

Cat collar – is a bell a good idea?

Another “star” of social media is the bell hung around the cat’s neck right next to the collar. It looks extremely cute. In addition, it has a practical function – it is to deter birds that the cat, while outside, could attack.

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cat collar with a bell

So is the collar with a bell worth buying? Absolutely not. Cats are intelligent animals that systematically improve their hunting technique. You can be sure that your little predator will learn to approach the prey over time in such a way that the bell does not make a sound. This solution also has other disadvantages destructive to health:

  • makes sounds that irritate the animal and can cause neurosis
  • it damages hearing over time
  • attracts the attention of larger animals, such as dogs, that can hurt a cat when it comes out.

The collar with a bell looks beautiful in the pictures, but it should stay there. This is an unnecessary gadget that can cause many problems in the long run.

Cat collar with address

A safe cat collar with an attached tag is a tool that helps outgoing cats “return” home when they lose their way to it. It is best to choose professional ID cards engraved with the sitter’s phone number and the name of the pet. This will be a sign that the cat is not homeless – it will not end up in a shelter and will not be taken in by other people.

An effective and safe way to protect your cat is to chip it. The microchip is placed under the animal’s skin in the veterinarian’s office. Then the data must be registered. The treatment is painless and very fast.

cat collar with address

A walk with a cat – collar or harness?

A collar is naturally associated with a leash and a walk. In fact, going out with a cat on a leash is a great alternative to uncontrolled release of a pet outside. The cat can explore the area, and at the same time is safe under the watchful eye of a guardian. Is a collar a good solution for a walk with a cat? Unfortunately not.

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A cat’s collar is very easy to break free. In addition, fastening the leash at the level of the animal’s neck is dangerous and inconvenient for him. That is why it is best to choose a harness for a walk. They are comfortable, safe and allow the carabiner to be attached at the height of the shoulder blades. The collar will be better for traveling or when you want to attach a tag to your cat.

Should the cat wear a collar?

There are no indications for an indoor cat to wear a collar. The exception are pheromone collars, which are sometimes part of behavioral therapies. For pets that go out on their own, a safe collar (that is, one that opens when jerked) can be a good solution. Especially if it has a good quality tag attached to it.

which cat collar to choose

Remember that the cat should also be chipped. The collar should neither be too tight nor too loose. The perfect fastening is when one finger can be put under the collar. A cat collar may be useful in some cases, but it should not be used as a decorative element. If you really want your cat to look good on social media, put a collar on it for a photo. However, it makes no sense for him to wear it every day, especially at home.