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Cat accessories – types of products and their characteristics

Adopting a cat or buying a purebred quadruped should be preceded by appropriate preparations for a new household member. As part of the layette, you can choose many different gadgets for him. Cat accessories are used for feeding, care and hygiene. Some cat accessories include toys for pets. What exactly can be useful to you?

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Cat litter box and accessories

A cat is an animal that easily learns to take care of its physiological needs in one place, in the litter box. At the beginning, it may take the form of an ordinary bowl with low edges, into which a small kitten can easily enter. In time, however, a larger litter box should be chosen. Such accessories for a cat you can buy at any pet store. The litter box can be plain, plastic, open or closed with a special, movable flap, facilitating on the one hand entry and exit, and limiting the spread of unpleasant odors in the place where it is located.

You can also choose from many models in terms of size or shape – round, square, oval, rectangular or even corner cuvettes are available for sale. Products in this category also include filters, air fresheners (neutralizers) with various scents, e.g. lavender, or special containers where you will throw your faeces. You also need to stock up on gravel or sand. You can choose the cat litter:

  • clumping;
  • niezbrylajÄ…ce.
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Each of these cat accessories has its advantages and disadvantages. It would be good if the cat litter and faeces could be thrown into the toilet bowl. For this you also need a spatula – plastic or metal, which you will select the cat poop. Thanks to this, you will extend the life of the litter and keep the litter box from smelling bad. Natural gravel, such as corn gravel, works best.

Bed – necessary things for a cat

The layette for such a pet should also include cat accessories such as a bed or a blanket for lazing and sleeping. You can buy such products for cats in the form of a bed or mini sofa. The bed must be the right size, soft and warm. At the beginning, a pillow and a blanket are enough for a kitten, but animals grow quickly and soon you will have to think about buying another bed.

Bowls and mats

The cat should have constant access to fresh water and dry food. A separate bowl for wet food will also be useful. Such cat accessories can be plastic or metal, and even ceramic. It is important that from the very beginning, as soon as the pet shows up at home, he has his own dishes. Stainless steel products work well. Such accessories have the advantage that they are easy to clean and sterilize. Plastic bowls are cheap and light, but less recommended by vets as they absorb odors and can discourage eating. You can put the bowls on a special, gummed mat to prevent them from sliding on the floor. The mat will also stop spilled water if the cat overturns it unruly.

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Cat scratchers and toys

The offer of cat products also includes scratchers. Quadrupeds like to sharpen their claws, and you shouldn’t let them do it on furniture. A suitable scratching post should meet certain requirements:

  • have the right height – there are even scratching posts over two meters high, but these are best for adult cats. For younger ones, a small scratching post with or without a house is enough. The element should be the height of an adult cat when it stands on its hind legs;
  • be solid, stable and durable so as not to fall over during the madness of the pet;
  • have a shape corresponding to a given pet – it can be a vertical post, a rectangular board to hang and mount, or a special wave.

The scratching post can be made of jute string, which adheres tightly to a board or a post, thanks to which the cat can easily scratch it.

In addition to the scratching post, invest in entertaining cat accessories. Balls with a bell, artificial mice – regular or battery operated, fishing rods with a feather and other similar accessories allow them to have great entertainment.

Grooming accessories for the cat

A cat moults over time, and long-haired breeds may lose a lot of fur in the fall or spring. To avoid your pet’s hair appearing all over the house, it is worth investing in products for cats of a caring nature. These are mainly brushes that allow you to brush your pet regularly. If your cat is an indoor pet, you need to keep its claws trimmed regularly.

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In order for your cat to feel well in the home space, it is worth taking care of the appropriate equipment. There is a wide selection of cat accessories on the market, among which you will surely choose the best for your pet.