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Can you find three slices of bread hidden among the Queen’s Corgi?

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The Queen Elizabeth II it was a big one animals’ lover. Welsh Corgi Pembroke dogs have been his passion! The first corgi received it as a gift from her father when she was 7 years old and with the passage of time the love of the sovereign for these cute animals has become stronger and stronger.

During its 70-year reign, more than 30 pets have passed through Buckingham Palace!

Can you find the three slices of bread hidden among the Queen’s Corgi?

Unfortunately, the Queen left us on September 8th. Remembering her fondly, we have here for you a game with Elizabeth II’s favorite dog breed.

The drawing shows many Corgi and the sovereign holding one. Somewhere among the animals there are three slices of bread that need to be found. Do you accept the challenge? Set the timer for 30 seconds!

Find the slices of bread! ©thedudolf /

Here is the solution!

If you haven’t found the three slices of bread yet, we’ll help you by giving you the solution. We circled the slices of bread hidden in the photo. Finding them among all these corgi dogs was really difficult!

the solution
That’s where the slices of bread were hiding! ¬© thedudolf /
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