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Californian rabbit – origin and character

Californian rabbits are among the breeding breeds most often intended for meat and fur. Due to their unusual color, they are also often chosen by lovers of the genre, who perceive them more in terms of friends than dinner. Check out what distinguishes the Californian rabbit breed.

Breeding rabbits – breeds

Breeding rabbits are those that are bred for slaughter or fur. Breeders divide them into breeds. The main criterion here is body weight.

Large breeds:

  • Belgian giant;
  • french ram;
  • giant butcher.

Medium Breeds:

  • New Zealand red;
  • New Zealand white;
  • Termonde white;
  • Danish white;
  • Californian;
  • french silvery

Small breeds:

  • podpalane;
  • Dutch;
  • rex.

Californian rabbit – weight and appearance

Californian rabbits are colored in a very characteristic way. The outer coat is white all over the body and the ears, face, tail and feet are black. The darker spots in the grower’s jargon are called points.

Californian rabbits are included by breeders in the group of medium breeds. Body weight depends on criteria such as:

  • sex;
  • genes;
  • living conditions.

It ranges from 3.5 to 5 kilograms. The animal’s body structure is quite massive. The body is elongated, the shoulder blades are wide and the neck is short and muscular. The head, set well on the neck, is round and the eyes are small and usually red. The ears are usually about 10 cm, they are quite wide and rounded at the tips.

Californian rabbit – disposition

Californian rabbits, like all breeders, are considered very nice and intelligent among lovers of the species. However, if you are planning to buy such a large rabbit, you must remember that it is a large and strong animal.

Rabbits can make it very clear that they do not like certain human behavior. If a small child lives in your home, contact with the rabbit should be under adult supervision.

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In addition, pets are strongly attached to their owners. They can respond to their name and recognize individual family members. They often choose those they love the most and those they… don’t like.

How to tame a Californian rabbit?

All rabbits are skittish by nature, but with proper treatment they willingly make contact with humans. Much depends on what the pet’s past is and what experiences it has with humans.

The most important rule is to give your rabbit space. These animals don’t like picking them up and holding them in their hands. We stroke them on the ears and around the mouth. All family members should be advised not to initiate physical contact when the pet does not feel like it or is simply not familiar with the household members yet.

California Rabbit – Nutrition

The diet of the Californian rabbit does not differ in any way from that of rabbits of other breeds. This a herbivorous animal, therefore the basis of its diet should be hay. It performs very important functions:

  • rubs constantly growing teeth;
  • regulates the work of the digestive system.

The rabbit should always have access to the hay, which you should put in the feeder. Herbs are also a very important element of the menu.

In pet stores you will find good-quality food that will be an important supplement to your diet. Choose those in the form of granules. You can give your rabbit a piece of vegetables once in a while.

Californian rabbit – what cage?

The Californian is considered a medium breed by breeders. The largest individuals can weigh up to 5.5 kilograms. For such a large rabbit, the cage is not the best solution. So you have two solutions to choose from:

  • a playpen for a rabbit;
  • keeping the pet allowed in the apartment.
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Not everyone chooses the latter option. Big rabbits can romp around in an apartment. They are in no way inferior to dogs in their destructive abilities. The house where the rabbit is to live loose must be properly prepared for it,

Californian rabbit – care

Does a rabbit’s fur need to be cared for? You will definitely not need any cosmetics here. However, it is worth preparing your pet for regular brushing from an early age. Rabbits have a tendency to “clog up” with fur balls. Like a cat, they swallow a large amount of dead hair when they wash themselves.

A furminator is best suited for combing rabbit fur. It is worth doing this at least once a week. There is no need to bathe the rabbit. The animal cares for the cleanliness of its fur itself, and soaking it in water causes a lot of stress.

Californian rabbit – health

Rabbits, like all pets, are prone to various diseases. You must remember that these animals are treated by veterinarians who specialize in exotic animals. A veterinarian who only accepts dogs or cats on a daily basis may not be able to save a rabbit. Be sure to check if such a specialist is accepted in your area.

The most common diseases of rabbits

Californian rabbits are bred primarily for slaughter purposes. Most of these animals lose their lives at a young age, so breeders do not care about long-term health. For this reason, female breeders tend to live shorter lives than miniature rabbits and are also vulnerable to disease. The most common are:

  • dental problems;
  • tumors;
  • heart diseases;
  • neurological disorders;
  • internal parasites;
  • skin diseases.

Rabbit vaccinations

In contrast to rodents, rabbits need to be vaccinated prophylactically. This is true for all rabbits – even those that never go outside. Vaccinations protect them against very dangerous viral diseases, which have a huge mortality rate among rabbits. To:

  • myksomatoza;
  • rabbit plague (RHD viral haemorrhagic disease);
  • plague of rabbits type II.
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A rabbit that weighs more than 500 grams, is healthy and free from internal parasites, is eligible for vaccination.

Californian rabbit – reproduction

Rabbits are synonymous with fertility in our culture. Californian rabbits reproduce very quickly and are easily available.

Remember, however, that breeding animals at home is not a very good idea. There are too many rabbits anyway, and the homelessness of these animals is a serious problem. By breeding rabbits at home, you expose them to perinatal complications.

If you are planning to keep a pair of rabbits of different sexes at home, make sure they undergo neutering.

Californian rabbits – one or two?

Rabbits – both breeding and miniature rabbits – feel great in pairs. You can opt for both a same-sex and a mixed couple. In the latter case, castration will be necessary.

Can a rabbit live alone? It is possible, but then you have to provide him with constant human company.

Californian rabbit – summary

Californian rabbits are distinguished by black points on white fur. This is an average breed of farm rabbits, which appear at home quite rarely, but have a large group of fans. Their feeding is no different from the feeding of miniatures, but when you decide to take in such a pet, you must have a playpen..

The rabbit of this breed is very popular all over the world. Californian rabbits can be found very often in various organizations that deal with the rescue of earflies. They are waiting for the house. Maybe you will give it to them?