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Breeding parrots – what kind of parrot to breed?

Parrots are beautiful, colorful birds that please the eye and keep company. In biological systematics, parrots are a whole row of birds that share common characteristics, such as a hooked, massive beak, nesting in hollows, and a very social disposition. Are you wondering which parrots are worth keeping? Breeding of nymphs, wavy parrots, lovebirds and macaws will be discussed in our article. What are the different species of these birds? What do parrots eat? Breeding cannot do without a cage, which must be appropriate, so we also bring this matter closer to you. Get to know macaws, lovebirds, wavy parrots and nymphs. The breeding of these animals is a chore, but also a lot of fun!

Breeding parrots – information

Breeding parrots is not a game and should not be decided unless you are sure you can handle it. What challenges await you? A lot depends on the species, but many rules are universal to all parrots. Get to know them along with the features of the most popular species of farm parrots.

What do parrots eat? The ABC of breeding parrots

Although they are mostly grain-fed, they need a more varied diet. Remember that breeding parrots requires that you try to reflect their natural diet. What exactly can you give them? These foods include:

  • specialized feeds;
  • ears of grass;
  • seeds and sprouts already growing;
  • fresh tree branches;
  • vegetables (except leek and sorrel);
  • fruit;
  • hard-boiled eggs;
  • edible flowers;
  • Herbs;
  • oat flakes;
  • peanuts.

You need to provide them with wholesome food, not just the food they like best. Therefore, the diet should not be monotonous.

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How long do parrots live?

The lifespan of a parrot depends primarily on what species it belongs to. However, breeding parrots is usually a long-term commitment. Most of the species live at least 15 years, and the more long-lived ones can live up to 60 years of age!

What cage for a parrot? Basic knowledge of the parrot breeder

Choosing the right parrot cage will be an extremely important decision. After all, this is where he will spend most of his life. Remember that not every pet in the farm can be kept only in the apartment.

Especially parrots of larger breeds will be much more demanding in this case. It will be necessary to provide them with aviaries of an appropriate size. Birds need at least a substitute for freedom. They must be able to fly and have the opportunity to “spread their wings”.

Breeding parrots – which species are the most popular?

Did you know that these animals can be very different from each other? This is why you need to know a few of the breeding parrot varieties to see which one is right for you. Find out about the requirements, life expectancy and prices of each species.


Wavy parrot breeding is not the most expensive. You will pay about PLN 50 per pair. However, you have to take into account other costs, e.g. buying a cage and food. The low price of the corrugated parrot is due to the fact that it is a very popular bird. A cage for her can be expensive because the budgerigar needs a lot of space.

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What do you need to know about breeding wavy parrots?

Wavy parrots live only 7-8 years, which is not much. However, in breeding, provided they have good conditions, they can live up to 15 years. What do you have to feed them? Wavy parrots eat primarily grain. This bird also likes fresh grass, fruits and vegetables.


Although lovebirds are small birds, they need a lot of space and fun. It is not a good choice for people who have little time. If the parakeets are ignored, they will be loud and scared. They can also show destructive behavior. Everyday “walks” in a safe space are essential in their case.

What cage for a lovebird?

This species lives for a relatively short time, about 10 years. Still, a decade of caring for a pet is quite a commitment. The basis for breeding parrots is a space that is comfortable for them. So opt for a cage that is at least 100 × 50 × 50 centimeters. It should have relatively thick metal bars that the birds will not be able to chew.

Nymph parrot

Nymphs eat the same as other parrots, that is, grain. So, in their diet, there are seed mixes offered by pet stores and online pet stores. The nymph parrot also likes carrots and apples, and plantain.

Nymph parrot – breeding and care

In the case of a nymph parrot, breeding also cannot do without a large cage. These birds do not like loneliness and exposure to light. It’s best to put them in the room where you stay the most, but away from the window. Thanks to this, the parrot will feel safe. How to keep her company? It should feel best among birds of the same species.

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The nymph parrot lives about 13-14 years, and under good conditions in the parrot breeder it can live up to 25 years.

Ara parrot

Another popular species is the macaw. These parrots are very demanding birds, not only because of their size. First of all, they are long-lived animals and can live up to 80 years of age!

The cost of such a parrot is also quite a challenge, because you have to spend several thousand zlotys. You also need to take into account not the lowest maintenance costs of these tropical animals. They will also require a lot of space (a large aviary is the basis).

Keeping parrots is a commitment (often for years), but also a lot of fun. If you are convinced that one of the species will be right for you, get ready to adopt a pet. A cage, feed or aviary are often the basis of breeding, regardless of the type of bird.