Aviary – what is worth knowing about it?

An aviary can be called a very large cage, which is essentially a larger bird run. Very often, it also imitates the natural environment of birds thanks to specially selected toys and other accessories. Aviaries are, above all, a very practical solution. They are quite large, so you don’t need to release birds, because even behind the fence, the animals will have enough traffic. The aviary for birds also works well for breeders, because thanks to it they have easy access to all their pets. Did you know that you can create an aviary for parrots yourself? How to make such a large cage? Read our article for all the important information!

Aviary cage for parrots in versions for the breeder and amateur

It may seem that where the birds are kept doesn’t really matter. However, it is worth remembering that the purpose of the breeding can play an important role in choosing a pen. The aviary of a professional breeder should be functional in the first place. It must have separate breeding sites where the birds can hatch their eggs, and all elements should be easily accessible. Such a playpen does not have to look exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. Amateurs, however, often want the whole thing to be in harmony with the surroundings. Therefore, it is good to choose the playpen according to its purpose.

Aviary for parrots – wooden or metal?

Metal structures are, above all, cheaper than wooden ones. It should also not be forgotten that they are much easier to keep clean and are not susceptible to mold, which is a disadvantage of the construction made of natural material. They are also suitable for most birds, as metal bars are much more difficult to chew than wood. Sometimes, however, a metal aviary can be made of materials that are toxic to birds, so it is necessary to pay attention to the type of building material. If you care about aesthetics, also remember that a metal playpen will usually be uglier than a wooden one.

What size should an aviary for parrots in the home or garden be?

It is difficult to clearly define the size of the pen, as it should be adjusted to the number of birds and their preferences. Some species are more prone to activity than others. It is assumed that the optimal size is 10 square meters and the minimum height is 250 centimeters. Such an aviary should be suitable for several birds, including flying birds. Obviously, the more animals you keep, the more space they need to provide so that there are no conflicts between birds.

An aviary for parrots at home or a garden aviary for parrots?

Putting a playpen in the garden is a very good idea. Birds then receive more stimuli from the environment and can observe nature, which in itself will be an attraction for them. In addition, they gain access to the sun, and the owners do not have to experience noise so much. However, it should be remembered that in winter there should be heating in the aviary. It is also a good idea to bring the birds home temporarily. Of course, the structure can also be permanently placed inside. Then you have to take into account more noise. However, in winter, it may be your only sensible choice.

Where should aviaries for birds be placed?

Regardless of whether the aviary will be placed in the house or in the garden, it is extremely important to place it in the right place. First of all, you should measure the space in which the structure is to stand and consider whether you will give the birds enough freedom. Aviaries should be placed as quiet and peaceful as possible. Even though some parrots are noisy animals, sometimes even they need silence. In addition, the place must be sheltered from:

  • water;
  • winds and drafts;
  • too harsh sun.

What should be the equipment of an aviary for parrots?

Design alone will not provide the birds with everything they need for healthy development. Inside the pen there should be various types of poles on which parrots can rest. You also need to take care of the right toys. Swings, houses where the pet can hide and various types of intelligent entertainment (e.g. playgrounds) work well here. The aviary should also be filled with fresh water, which you will be refilling and changing on a regular basis.

How to make an aviary for parrots?

If you are not satisfied with what can be purchased at pet stores, you can build an aviary yourself. First, consider everything we wrote about above, and then you can start designing the structure. Remember about a suitable surface and a roof, and do not forget about all the necessary accessories. If the aviary is to be used all year round, it must be equipped with heating. Also, buy sufficiently solid materials, as birds can easily damage poor-quality construction.

The aviary is a great solution not only for bird breeders, but also amateurs who want to provide their animals with the best possible conditions. Parrots or other flying animals will have a place where they can play freely.