Traveling with pets – how to safely transport a pet?

Probably each of us has friends who transport their quadrupeds in car transporters without embarrassment. Do you envy them the obedience of these pets? Do not worry! You too can transport your dog or cat safely and without harming anyone. You just need to know a few tips below. Driving a car with an animal … Read more

Is cereal-free food suitable for your dog or cat? – todocat

As owners of furs, we often find ourselves in the difficulty of choosing the perfect type of food for the tails at home. This is due to the wide variety of information that each brand on the market provides us with every step of the way. At the same time, the variety of current nutritional … Read more

Williams gecko – characteristics of the species

Williams Gecko is an exceptionally beautiful lizard that is eagerly chosen by people who do not have space for a very large terrarium. They are agile animals that are unlikely to be picked up. However, observing their behavior will bring you a lot of satisfaction. Before you buy such a lizard, be sure to find … Read more

How to create a pet-friendly home?

Many people keep their pets at home, they accompany people every day, some, even despite their own lairs, sleep with their owners. However, you have to remember that home pets are like little children, so you should look after them and create optimal living conditions for them. If the quadruple does not feel comfortable in … Read more

Why is your cat vaccinated?

How do you show love to a purring pet? By buying the best food and interesting toys, spending time playing together and protecting against serious diseases. The latter is ensured by vaccinating cats – thanks to them, the feline immune system will be able to effectively fight against pathogens that attack it. In Poland, vaccinations … Read more

American Fuzzy Lop Breed – todocat Blog

General information: The history of the American Fuzzy Lop rabbits is interconnected with the history of the Holland Lop breed. When it first appeared, the Holland Lop rabbit was only available in full color, which prompted breeders to want to add some rhythm breaks to the color pattern. To do this, they crossed the Holland … Read more

How long does a cat get pregnant? Everything about a pregnant cat

If your cat is not neutered and she freely goes outside, sooner or later you can expect pregnancy. It is also possible that one day a cat will come under your roof and you will suspect it of a different condition. In such cases, it is worth knowing what symptoms may indicate pregnancy and how … Read more

Chinchilla, the adorable pet

Because the love of animals can wear various furs, today I decided to write about the little gray rodents, extremely curious and with a precious fur. Guess who it is? An important indication would be that these animals are increasingly found in people’s homes as adorable pets. Chinchilla, of course! Generalities. Chinchilla (chinchilla, chinchilla or … Read more

Palomino Rabbit Breed – todocat

General information: Palomino rabbit breed it is one with an interesting and even impressive history to a certain extent. Mark Young, a resident of Coulee Dam, Washington, has been raising rabbits for decades since 1910 at the Lone Pine Rabbit Farm. One of his greatest desires was to develop a new breed of rabbit. He … Read more

Californian rabbit – origin and character

Californian rabbits are among the breeding breeds most often intended for meat and fur. Due to their unusual color, they are also often chosen by lovers of the genre, who perceive them more in terms of friends than dinner. Check out what distinguishes the Californian rabbit breed. Breeding rabbits – breeds Breeding rabbits are those … Read more