How much is a chow chow? | Pets

There are very few dog breeds as distinctive as the Chow Chow! The price of a puppy depends on the breeding in which it will be purchased. Many breeders also sell animals much cheaper, which is due to the color and compliance with the breed standard. If its representative differs too much from her, he … Read more

Silver Cream Rabbit Breed – todocat Blog

General information: history Creme d`Argent rabbits it stretches deep into antiquity. It is rare for a breed of rabbit to have such a history. However, like many other rabbits, it is not an original breed gene. This means that it appeared by crossing several breeds of rabbits, the Creme d’Argent breed not being the original … Read more

How do dogs communicate and how can we respond to them? – todocat

Dogs communicate with us all the time, and we answer them every time, whether we are aware of it or not. Like us, dogs are social animals, which means that the need for communication will be a basic feature. Even if, perhaps, as a first instinct we correlate communication with speech, we most often do … Read more

What does a cat want you to know about her? – todocat

What does a cat want? This is the most common question that anyone who has had or interacted with a cat has ever asked. In order to give an answer to this question, it is necessary to understand first of all the particularities of the species, respectively what are the reasons behind the behavior. In … Read more

Management of Heart Disease in Dogs – todocat

Heart disease represents a series of diseases that impact the structure or functioning of the heart. Among the most common heart conditions in dogs are: arrhythmias, valvulopathies ( Degenerative mitral valve disease being among the most cited as frequency), cardiomyopathies (Ex. Dilative cardiomyopathy), Heart failure (eg congestion most often associated with chronic) etc. Risk factors … Read more

10 dangers to protect your dog and cat this spring – todocat

While the arrival of spring means warmer weather and more time spent outside, for veterinarians it means an increase in cases and emergencies. From pollen to grills to ivy and bees, there are many dangers that dog and cat owners should be aware of in the spring: I. External parasites: Fleas and Ticks Before you … Read more


As the kitten’s growth rate is very fast, he must receive food adapted to the specific nutritional requirements of this delicate stage of his life. Proper food will contain ingredients with a high degree of digestibility that promote good absorption of nutrients, will support the strengthening of the immune system, will contribute to proper neuro-sensory … Read more

Pomeranianul – todocat

AN ADORABLE FAMILY DOG If you want a dog that is affectionate, devoted, intelligent and always full of life, the Pomeranian is the right choice for you! Like a fluffy little fox proudly carrying its bushy tail on its back, its sharp gaze and sharp ears will win the hearts of all onlookers. These dogs … Read more


OLFACTORY SENSE, TASTE SENSE, TOUCH SENSE Cats perceive their environment differently than we humans do because of their distinct senses. They access the world in which they live based on their senses. The multitude of stimuli encountered and the way in which the cat’s senses are stimulated are a good indicator for her well-being. Discover … Read more

Silver Fox Rabbit Breed – todocat

General information: Silver Fox rabbit breed is the third breed of rabbit developed in the United States. It was created by Walter B Garland of Northern Canton, Ohio. The Silver Fox rabbit is truly a multi-purpose breed, bred for both meat and fur. The breed was recognized as the standard approved in 1952, under the … Read more