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How to calm the cat in heat?

We often ask ourselves how to calm a cat in heat. As we know, Kitty is really difficult to manage in these months, given her mating instinct which leads her to perform strange actions in this phase, halfway between languid and furious. Yet, in the presence of cats in this phase, it is good to … Read more

here is Bart, a white dog with a particular appearance (Photo)

Bart is a puppy of about 1 year, medium size contained, host of Shelter of the Abandoned Dog of the Favouritein Palermo. Abandoned a few months ago, this beautiful all-white dog is looking for a home. Let’s get to know him better! A particular dog This little over a year old boy has two physical … Read more

Dog allergic to pollen: symptoms and treatments

Dog and cat hair allergies affect 10-20% of the world population, but do you know that even the dog allergic to pollen exists? Pollen allergy can develop at any time in life. There are factors predisposing to this condition, such as race o l’environment in which he lives. Why does a dog have a pollen … Read more

Bologna, blind girl evicted from home: the reason is unacceptable

Camilla Di Pace, a 31-year-old blind person, cannot find a home. © Facebook @Camilla Di Pace From Ilenia Colombo Posted on 24/03/23 11:30 Camilla Di Pace she is a blind girl, a graduate from Dams and a communications operator, who lives in Bologna in a rented apartment. The 31-year-old, originally from Latina, will have to … Read more

Summer time and the cat: what changes for Micio?

In the night between Saturday 25 March and Sunday 26 March 2023 we will switch to summer time, which means one hour less sleep and some upheavals in daily life, even for our animals. Here’s everything you need to know about thesummer time and the cats and some tips to help your pet experience the … Read more

the contents of the suitcase are heartbreaking

The inside of the suitcase was beyond belief. © YouTube @STV News From Grace Fontana Posted on 23/03/23 18:00 Kai today he can be considered a lucky dog, but his life has not been easy. In 2015 the then owner he had decided to sell it. Having found a buyer, she had made an appointment … Read more

the reason is all to laugh (Video)

As parents of little humans or furry little ones, we always hope that our puppies do well outside the home. And when the fateful moment of the first day of school arrives, the question is legitimate: will my child behave well? However, the protagonist of today’s story did not expect to receive a call just … Read more

Dog moult in spring: how does it work?

With the month of March the warm season has arrived and with the increase in temperatures also comes the period of moult of dogs. Spring or seasonal, this is the name of the natural process whereby dogs and cats can lose a lot of hair when the warm days arrive. Let’s find out together when … Read more