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Aquariums for a fighter – shape, capacity, conditions

Siamese fighting fish tanks are a product often offered in aquarium stores. However, it is worth knowing that a standard tank will also work for this fish, as long as it meets specific requirements. These beautiful, but underestimated fish are a perfect decoration for a freshwater aquarium. Contrary to popular belief, they do not have to live alone. Check how the arrangement of the aquarium for the fighter should look like.

Siamese fighting fish in the aquarium – origin

In order to know what aquariums for a fighter will be optimal, it is worth learning about the species itself. Siamese fighting fish belong to the labyrinthine fish of the gourami family. In natural conditions, you will meet them in the waters of some Asian countries, such as Thailand or Vietnam. However, you may not recognize them, because in nature the militant is less colored and has slightly smaller fins. These features are the result of breeding.

Aquariums for a fighter – requirements

Before you decide on an aquarium with a fighter, check what its needs are. These are the requirements of the fighters when it comes to water parameters and conditions.

Capacity and shape of the aquarium

In fact, the shape of the fighter’s aquarium does not matter so much in itself. It is important, however, that the tank allows for convenient cleaning and mounting the necessary equipment. For this reason, all ball-shaped containers are not recommended, because they can simply be of little functionality. In addition, according to scientific research, such aquariums for a fighter or other species of fish affect the feeling of bewilderment. Your pet will not feel comfortable in it.

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It is estimated that a 10-liter aquarium for a fighter is enough for a single male. However, it is an absolute minimum value and you should not go below it. Of course, the bigger the tank, the better. Aquariums for a fighter can count up to several dozen liters. If you plan to keep a male and two females as part of the stocking, decide on a minimum capacity of 25 liters. Larger aquariums for a fighter, such with a capacity of up to 50 liters, will be even more advantageous.

Water temperature in the aquarium of the fighter

The optimal temperature at which the fighter in the aquarium feels comfortable is at least 22 ° C. Ideally, the temperature should be around 25 ° C. This prevents many diseases, including, for example, fish pox.

It is equally important that there is a lid in the aquarium for the fighter. It compensates for the difference between the water and air temperature. This is important because too low temperature will make the fish become ill in the end. The siamese fighting fish belongs to the labyrinth fish, so it has a so-called labyrinth – a specially constructed labyrinth organ. This means that the fish is swimming above the surface to obtain oxygen. If the air is significantly cooler, it may simply catch a cold. Additionally, aquariums for a fighter must also be secured against attempts to pop out of the fish.

Filter and heater – are they necessary in aquariums for a fighter?

Due to the optimal breeding temperature, an aquarium with a siamese fighting fish should be equipped with a heater with a thermostat. It maintains a constant temperature. It is better to give up heating light sources so that the fish does not get burned and damage the labyrinthine organ. The light in aquariums for a fighter does not have to be very intense, unless there is a large plant population in them. Then it is worth adjusting this parameter to the species needs of the flora.

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The filter is a piece of equipment that is essential in an aquarium for a fighter, just like in any other tank that contains fish. It allows you to cleanse the water of toxins. Even if you decide to have small aquariums for a fighter, choose those in which it is possible to install a filter. Remember that the smaller the tank, the greater the risk of poisoning, because the water becomes saturated with harmful substances faster.

Small fish tanks for a fighter – are they suitable?

Are you wondering what aquarium for a fighter will be a good compromise between the amount of space you have and the needs of the fish? In such a situation, it is worth putting on such aquariums for the fighter that will provide the animal with optimal conditions. Remember that practices sometimes seen in pet stores where a fighter is swimming in a tiny cup are inappropriate and unethical. At home, make sure that a single male has at least 10 liters of water at his disposal.

Arrangement of an aquarium for a fighter

The siamese fighting fish is an extremely nice fish, which is why many people want to display its qualities. As a result, the fish often swim in a tank that is actually… empty! This does not mean that these are the best conditions for her. Aquariums for a fighter must be equipped with the above-mentioned equipment, i.e. a cover with a source of not very intense light, as well as a heater and a filter. But that’s not all.

In the case of males, things are a bit easier. It is not recommended to keep more than one male fighter in one aquarium. They are highly territorial fish that will fight for space until they lose their strength. A better solution is to choose two females for one male.

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In this case, however, you also need to invest in shelter-giving decorations as well as dense vegetation. Thanks to this, the females will not be constantly harassed by the male, and will also gain space to set up a nest. Additionally, plants in aquariums for the fighter purify the water of ammonia.

Can a militant live in a multi-species aquarium?

Although the Siamese fighting fish is a territorial individual, the fish tanks can host fish of other species as well. It is best if these species are calm, not very aggressive, but also not very mobile. It is worth that their size should be similar to the size of the fighters themselves, which will prevent attacks of aggression and attempts to eat each other.

The aquariums for the fighter can host such species of fish as:

  • cuirass;
  • chickens;
  • armors;
  • wedge collectors;
  • catfish species.

In such a situation, remember that the aquariums for the fighter should be large enough and planted with numerous plants on each of the plans. Rather, give up fish that live near the surface of the water or are very small.

Beautiful fish, enchanting many people, often live in extremely unsuitable conditions. However, well-adapted aquariums for the fighter provide the representatives of this species with optimal living conditions, prevent the development of diseases and excessive aggression. You already know which aquarium to choose for a fighter, so that he lives healthy for a long time.