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Aquarium fish – the most popular species

Fish in an aquarium are an opportunity for many people to commune with the water world on a daily basis. Freshwater aquaristics is an extremely interesting hobby, so it is worth getting to know the most popular inhabitants of aquariums. Which aquarium fish will be good for beginners? Which species require more knowledge and experience? Meet the fish that you can keep at home!

Aquarium fish – sample species

Aquarium fish – cuiras

Kiryski are tiny aquarium fish that live in the lower parts of the reservoir. Their average body length ranges from 2 to 6 centimeters (depending on the species). These pets are very often recommended to beginner aquarists because keeping them is not difficult. They are distinguished by a lively, sociable nature and they feel best in a group of other fish of their species.

Kiryski – where do they feel best?

Various varieties of these fish can be found in breeding farms and aquarium shops. The tiny pygmies cuiras and the slightly larger speckled cuiras are very popular. They have no scales, only rows of bone plates.

The minimum size of an aquarium for several individuals is up to 30 to 54 liters, depending on the subspecies. Kiryski are aquarium fish that live at the bottom of the reservoir. They feel good in the company of other gentle fish that inhabit its higher parts. They prefer less overgrown aquariums. They are suitable for breathing in oxygen-poor water.

Aquarium fish – scalars

Scalar, also called a sailing ship, is a very popular species of aquarium fish. Wild scalars inhabiting the waters of the Amazon basin can grow up to 50 centimeters in height. Unfortunately, in captivity we usually deal with stunted individuals that do not reach this size.

Angelfish are very intelligent aquarium fish. It has been proven that they develop their own hunting strategy. They can also work together to chase away other fish that will nibble on their fins.

Angelfish – What Conditions Are Best For These Aquarium Fish?

Angelfish are gregarious fish that mate for life. As cichlids, they take great care of their eggs. They fan it with their fins to aerate it and periodically take it into their mouths to clean the eggs of contamination.

These fish are not only beautiful, but also very intelligent and sociable. To fully perceive their beauty, you need to provide them with the right conditions. Angelfish need large tanks. One fish should contain at least 50 liters of net water.

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Aquarium fish – veils

Veils, better known as goldfish, are one of the most popular aquarium fish in the world. They belong to the family of ornamental crucians. They are very lively, lovable and long-lived creatures that can live for several dozen years in good conditions.

Veils, however, should not live in balls or small tanks. It is worth knowing that they have a very fast metabolism. Their aquarium requires ¼ of the water surface to be changed at least once every two weeks. So choose a spacious aquarium for them (from 100 to 120 liters).

Where do veils feel best?

Veils are omnivorous and very voracious! So you have to be careful not to overfeed them. However, remember that too little food will make them eat the aquarium plants. Some veils also have no qualms about eating their neighbors.

These fish feel best in a spacious species aquarium, where there is plenty of space for free swimming. They are also fond of burrowing in the ground.

Aquarium fish – discus

Discus fish are aquarium fish for very experienced aquarists. They are beautiful, large and colorful creatures with a characteristically flattened body on both sides. This species naturally occurs in the Amazon basin, often living together with scalars.

Which aquarium will be suitable for discus fish?

Discus fish are large shoal fish that feel best in species aquariums. It is best to keep them in large flocks, so you need a large aquarium. The minimum capacity is 350 liters, with dimensions of approximately 120 × 60 centimeters. Discus fish require a varied diet. Choose good-quality dried mixtures for them, as well as frozen and live food as a supplement to the diet.

Discus fish are aquarium fish that are quite susceptible to diseases, especially those caused by parasites. After bringing a new fish home, you will need a two-week quarantine. Without it, a new individual can infect the rest of the fish with a serious disease, which sometimes results in the death of the entire shoal.

Aquarium fish – barbs

Barbells are aquarium fish that come in many varieties. In our country, the most popular of them are Sumatran barbs. These small creatures grow up to about 5 centimeters and are eagerly chosen by inexperienced aquarists.

These small aquarium fish have a very energetic disposition. They feel best in large flocks where they create complex and rigid hierarchies. Barbels do have a certain tendency to gnaw the fins of other fish, so you shouldn’t keep them together with veils and scalars

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What tank for barbels?

The length of the aquarium for barbs should be at least 60 centimeters. These aquarium fish like tanks with a stone bottom. They prefer soft water with an acidic pH.

Remember that these pets do not like monotonous diets. Their menu should be varied, for example:

  • live worms;
  • plant food;
  • boiled yolk.

Aquarium fish – guppies

Guppies (peacock eyes) are one of the easiest aquarium fish to breed. They are small and gentle creatures that only occasionally tend to nibble on each other and other fish. So be careful not to stick them with species that have very large and veiled fins.

Guppy breeding is not complicated. The size of the aquarium depends on how many guppies there are. They are shoal fish that should live in quite large herds. Interestingly, fish are very tolerant of water salinity – they can live in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

What do guppies eat and how do they reproduce?

Guppies are omnivores and will gladly eat virtually any food. In addition to ready-made mixtures, it is worthwhile to diversify their diet:

  • mosquito larvae;
  • flakes with spirulina;
  • blanched spinach.

Guppies are famous for fairly fast reproduction. In one litter even fifty fry can be born. It is very easy to tell a male from a female.

Aquarium fish – danios

Danio are popular aquarium fish that come in many varieties and colors. They are relatively easy to care for fish that do not require too much.

What tank for this aquarium fish?

Depending on the variety of zebrafish, you will need an aquarium between 60 and 100 centimeters long. These aquarium fish feel best in cool water with a temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius and a slightly acidic pH. You need to change the water once every two weeks, changing about 30% of the net water.

What do these fish eat for the aquarium?

Getting the zebrafish diet right shouldn’t be a problem. The aquarium fish in question are omnivores and will gladly be content with any food (both live and dried mixes). Remember that food should be diverse. Serve them more often, but in smaller portions.

Danio is a fish for an aquarium that is appreciated by aquarists of all skill levels. The large variety of varieties makes it possible to match these fish to the decor of the tank, as well as to its size.

Aquarium fish – gladioli

Gladiolus are known and popular aquarium fish. They are small, because the average body length of a gladiolus is about 3 centimeters. They come in many color varieties, which is why they are chosen by both experienced and novice growers.

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Gladiolus inhabit the middle part of the aquarium. They are shoal fish that are very social and willing to swim together. They should not be kept alone. So decide on at least a few individuals.

What do these aquarium fish eat?

Gladioli are omnivorous fish that need to be fed sensibly. They are happy to eat dry pressed food, as well as:

  • bloodworm larvae;
  • chopped earthworms;
  • lettuce or blanched spinach.

You need to feed them often but give them small portions. If you overdo it, they can get sick.

Gladioli reproduce easily. It is worth selecting several females for one male, because one of them may be tired with too intense courtship.

Aquarium fish – fighters

Siamese fighting fish are extremely beautiful and magnificent aquarium fish, which are selected primarily for their spreading fins and intense colors. It is believed that they have very low requirements and can live anywhere – even in a sphere or a container.

Nothing could be more wrong. The Siamese fighting fish requires an aquarium with a capacity of at least 10 liters. The tank should be planted and the water well filtered.

Where did the name of these aquarium fish come from?

Fighters are of a warlike nature. Two males can fight each other for a very long time. Sometimes they do this until one of them dies. So it’s best to keep them alone or in a configuration of one male and two or three females. In relation to other species, however, militants are quite mild, and sometimes even withdrawn. Large fish can be intimidating for a fighter, but it is usually okay to keep it in an aquarium with small shoal fish (for example, cuirass).

Fish for the aquarium – summary

You already know the characteristics of the most popular aquarium fish. The water world, however, is extremely fascinating, so it is worth exploring it in various aspects. Regardless of whether you are just starting your adventure with aquarium hobby or you already have years of caring for the fish, you know that the right choice of tank cast is key.
Kiryski, scalars, or maybe paddles? All these aquarium fish can become a real decoration of your tank. However, remember that each species needs appropriate conditions. If you decide on any of the ones we describe in the text, you already have basic knowledge. Remember that for many aquarium fish good conditions in the tank are the basis of a long and healthy life!