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Amazon parrots – what should you know about these birds?

The Amazon parrot is one of the birds with an exceptionally exotic appearance. It is very popular in many homes, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Amazon parrots come in several different color varieties, which definitely affects the recognition of these birds. The richness of colors is inferior to multicolored aromas or other rainbow varieties, but their beauty is still admired all over the world. Is this species also popular in its countries of origin? Read our article and meet unique parrots from the Amazon!

Does the Amazon parrot live exclusively in the Amazon?

The species name may suggest that these animals are found only in tropical rainforests. This is partly true. Depending on the color variety, these parrots can live in a very wide territory. Some of them occupy the central part of South America, inhabiting Bolivia and Paraguay, and even northern Argentina. Others can be found in the more northerly part of the continent, and even in Central America. Amazon parrots are especially common on numerous islands, such as Puerto Rico and Belize, where they have been partially introduced. In the wild, northern species also live in Mexico.

Why are Amazon parrots in danger of extinction?

There are species of these colorful parrots that are very popular and are not in danger of extinction. Other amazon parrots, however, are not so fortunate and more or less seriously endangered. The population of some varieties is estimated at less than 5,000 individuals in the wild. There are several reasons for this:

  • first and foremost, they are illegal hunting and selling of birds for captivity;
  • destruction of their natural environment by too intensive felling of trees;
  • eradication of some species considered by the inhabitants as pests.
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Amazon – a parrot with exceptional plumage

Amazon parrots are not as rainbow colored as other species of birds, but their plumage nevertheless looks very elegant. They are quite large animals – they can reach a length of up to 45 centimeters. They usually weigh around half a kilo. An interesting feature of these parrots are their eyes – young specimens have gray irises that turn reddish-brown with age. It is difficult to distinguish males and females, although the former are usually larger. If you want to be sure, it’s best to go to the vet for specialized tests.

Color varieties of amazon parrots

Birds come in a variety of colors. The most popular are:

  • blue-fronted amazon – juicy green can be seen on most of the body, as in all varieties. However, around the eyes, it turns yellow, and a shade of blue is clearly visible near the mouth and on the cheeks. In addition, the tips of the feathers can be seen in red and navy blue;
  • yellow-headed amazon – these birds are characterized by a predominance of green all over their body. However, the distinct yellow above the forehead should not be missed (without a hint of blue as with the above variety). In addition, the wings can be seen in red here and there;
  • yellow-throated amazon – this variety resembles a bit yellow-headed. It has a predominance of green, and the color of its head is yellow. However, while yellow-headed parrots only have a lighter area above the beak, the yellow-headed ones have a lighter shade of their entire head. What else? On the wings you can see a much more clearly marked red with an admixture of yellow.

Amazon parrots – talkers that can be taught a variety of words

Most parrots are more or less prone to repeating certain sounds or even words. Amazon parrots lead the way here, as they are one of the most talkative bird varieties. They successfully imitate single words, whole sentences, as well as random sounds, e.g. grunts, coughs or various noises made by household appliances. In addition, these birds can whistle very well and they do it very often. They are also characterized by an unprecedented melody that allows them to flawlessly reproduce entire melodies.

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How to teach amazon parrots to speak?

Training the bird should start as early as possible, but even an older bird can learn to repeat selected phrases. The key elements here are, above all, peace, mindfulness and commitment. Be patient and prepare to repeat the words or melodies you want to teach your parrot. A close relationship with the guardian is also important – learning brings better results when the bird feels attached to its teacher. When repeating, it is also important to put emotions into words. Their absence will certainly not encourage the bird to learn. It is emotions that make parrots learn swear words easily.

The sociable and trouble-free nature of the Amazon parrot

Like most birds of this species, the described varieties have a great need for human companionship and contact. Amazon parrots like to spend time with other animals and with their owner, from whom they are happy to learn tricks and new words. They are trusting and become attached to the whole family, although of course they can choose the one they like the most. It doesn’t always have to be the person with whom they spend the most time. Birds from the Amazon are also fond of movement and show a need for high activity.

Yellow-throated Amazon – breeding and conditions that birds need

Regardless of the color variety, each amazon needs similar conditions. It must be kept in a minimum pair, because it does not tolerate loneliness. Deprived of contact with other representatives of their species, Amazon parrots become lethargic and lethargic, tend to gain weight and may even pluck feathers. This pet is a large bird and requires a correspondingly ample space. The Amazon can be kept in a cage, but the room should be large enough. In addition, it is also necessary to release the bird so that it can fly around the entire apartment. Then you need to properly secure the elements that the parrot could breach.

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Amazon parrots in the aviary – is it a good solution?

The aviary is by far the best place to keep birds of this species. It provides enough space to fly, and parrots do not need to be released outside. Amazon parrots can be kept both in the indoor aviary, inside the house, and outside, for example in the garden. In the latter case, you need to remember to install insulation for the winter or to transfer the birds to the house. The environment should also be varied with toys and accessories that stimulate the development of the bird.

Amazon parrots and water baths

You already know in what climate these birds live in the wild. If you take an Amazon parrot under your roof, you need to provide it with a properly moistened space. This is especially important in summer when temperatures can be high. In addition to canopies and houses where pets can survive the warmest moments of the day, it is also a good idea to install a sprinkler on them. It will give them the opportunity to bathe in a delicate mist. If you do not want to install the device permanently, you can also arrange a bird bath with, for example, a flower sprinkler.

Blue-fronted Amazons – feeding of these and other varieties

When breeding Amazon parrots, be careful not to overfeed the birds. They have a big appetite. The basic food can be a ready-made grain mixture, which should be varied, for example, with fruits and vegetables. The parrot may not be given meat, but you may pass the larvae from time to time. Thanks to this, you will supplement the protein in the pet’s diet.

Amazon parrot – price for one individual

How much does an amazon cost? This parrot is not one of the cheapest birds. Although in some stores you can buy it for as low as PLN 1,500, the most common prices are around PLN 2,500 and PLN 3,000. The cost may depend on the location and legality of breeding. Significantly lower prices should raise your suspicions, as they may indicate that the parrot comes from an unreliable source.

Amazon parrots are unique birds that have a great predisposition to repeating many words. When buying a pet, you should pay attention to its origin so as not to support illegal smuggling of animals. Provide the Amazon with bird company and appropriate conditions – especially water and food.