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after the reaction of the first, the other two are transformed too (Video)


Posey the cat set an example for his two brothers.

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In the 2017a woman named Belindaof Vancouver (Canada), after realizing that it was time to let an animal into her life, she called a local shelter who, analyzing her profile, “matched” her to three cats present in their structure.

Posey, Echo and Willa thus they become part of the woman’s life and, according to what she has declared a TheDodofirst of all as soon as they arrive at the house, they go to explore the stairs!

Get on and off

It seemed that the three big cats had never seen stairs before: they ran up and down as if there was no tomorrow: Belinda threw them toys to make them roll on the steps and they ran to get them. But suddenly Posey blows everyone away: She stares at the toy and starts rolling down the stairs too.

Belinda thus begins to laugh and, just like children who want to amuse their parents, Posey understands that his human likes this and continues to do it just to see her happy. Echo and Willa, for their part, stare in disbelief at their little sister, as if to say «what are you doing? That’s not how you go down stairs!”

Laughs best who laughs last

Needless to tease, taking a look at the various Instagram accounts of the woman (who created one for each of her cats!), it is understood that, after 6 years, even Echo and Willa have become theatrical actors ready to make people laugh their human: Willa dances the Irish danceWhile Echo dabbles in various mischief and ballets, including also YMCA of the Village People!

What a cracking trio! Don’t miss their videos and run to follow their accounts.

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