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African gray parrot – talking parrot | Pets

Among the birds that can be kept at home, parrots undoubtedly stand out. They are colorful, active and sociable. They often delight guests and household members with their ability to imitate sounds. It is no different with the African Gray Parrot, which is able to repeat what it hears. What conditions does this pet need to make him feel comfortable? Will the parrot always be willing to talk? You will find answers to these and many other questions. Just read our article. We invite you to read!

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African gray parrot – characteristics of the species of exotic parrots

Some parrots are able to perfectly imitate various sounds, including human voices. Therefore, you may get the impression that parrots “speak” with a human voice. Such a predisposition is shown by the African Gray Parrot bird, which is why it is often referred to as a talking parrot.

It is a very active, intelligent and outgoing pet. He usually chooses one person in the house (not necessarily the owner) whom he treats as a real friend.

African gray parrots

The most popular species are:

  • Congolese African Gray Parrots;
  • żako liberyjskie.

It is also worth mentioning the third subspecies of this exotic bird (the African Gray Parrot). African gray parrots differ not only in origin but also in appearance.

The Congolese African Gray and the Liberian African Gray

The Congolese African Gray Parrot is a large bird with a body length of up to 33 cm. The Liberian African Gray Parrot is much smaller and has darker plumage. The Congolese African Gray has:

  • gray feathers but red wheelhouses;
  • pale yellow irises and a large white rim around the eyes reminiscent of glasses;
  • dark gray color of the beak and paws with long claws.
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Where can you meet a African Gray Parrot?

The Congolese African Gray Parrot occurs in Africa, in equatorial areas (from the south-eastern part of the Ivory Coast to the eastern end of the continent, to Kenya). In southern Africa, this parrot can be seen in northern Angola, southern Congo, northwestern Tanzania, and the islands of Principe and Sao Tome.

The Liberian African Gray Parrot lives in the area of ​​southern Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, from which the parrot is named. It is also found in the western part of the Ivory Coast.

Is the African Gray Parrot talkative?

A trained talking parrot can speak quite long sentences. However, be careful. The African Gray Parrot needs to feel confident and safe in order to imitate the sounds of human speech. He shows off among the household members, but in a company that is strange to him, he is silent as a magic? It is a sensitive bird that can close in on itself if it feels threatened. Therefore, you cannot expect that the pet will be willing to talk in all conditions.

Żako does not want to talk? Sometimes it has to be that way

Also remember that not every parrot of this species will have the same predisposition to learn human speech. It is true that it is an intelligent animal that easily learns new things, but not every African Gray Parrot is a talking parrot. There are individuals who do not learn to speak or who utter only single words. In this regard, a lot depends on the relationship between parrots and their owners.

African gray parrot breeding, i.e. a cage and more

For the animal, of course, you need to prepare a suitable cage. The bird is about 33 cm long and is classified as a medium-sized parrot. I need a “room” with minimum dimensions:

  • 80 cm long;
  • 50 cm wide;
  • 100 cm high.
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Here are some tips to follow when setting up an African Gray Parrot Cage.

  1. Cover the bottom of the cage with sand and clean it regularly.
  2. Remember about poles, pieces of wood, as well as swings and ladders so that the African Gray Parrot can play and be active.
  3. Inside, you need to set up a bowl for food as well as a waterhole where you should change the water daily.

What African Gray Parrots Dislike?

It is worth mentioning one more requirement that is associated with the breeding of these parrots. These birds prefer a well-ordered lifestyle. They do not like surprises or disturbed rhythm of the day. They can be scared by the loud sounds of a drill or lawn mower, or even a mixer and a vacuum cleaner.

Żako and relations with household members

Although African Gray Parrots are sociable, they do not sympathize with all the people around them. They can favor some household members and treat others with great reserve. Sometimes they even show aggressive behavior towards less liked people. However, if they trust you, you can go ahead and stroke them.

Feeding the African Gray Parrot

You need to provide these birds from Africa with an appropriate diet – wholesome, healthy and tailored to their individual requirements. It is based on:

  • seeds;
  • fresh fruit and vegetables.

A diet tailored to the needs of the African Gray Parrot will support the development of birds and maintain their good psychophysical condition. On a daily basis, you can also give them a special food intended for exotic birds. Such a product supports the good bacterial flora in the parrot’s intestines.

Who is the African Gray Parrot a Good Choice for?

The talking African Gray Parrot needs company and is a breeding requirement. If you are not home often and you know that the parakeet will sit in a cage for a long time without company, it is better not to buy it at all. You have to provide her with company, caresses and fun. If the parrot does not receive it, it will be depressed and unhappy. She may become aggressive and display self-destructive behavior, such as plucking pens.

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If you decide to buy and breed an African Gray Parrot under your roof, remember that these parrots are long-lived and can live up to 70 years.

What else do you need to know about breeding an African Gray Parrot?

A talking parrot may be the pride of its owner, but be aware that the bird is quite noisy. If you live in a block of flats, the neighbors may hear such noises, which will certainly not be pleasant for them. A bird that is too loud can become a nuisance even for the household. Of course, sometimes the African Gray Parrot may be a less talkative animal, but take into account that it will clearly and loudly mark its presence.

The cost of a African Gray Parrot – the price of an individual

It’s best to only buy parrots from reputable kennels or from a pet store. You can be sure that you will buy a parrot that is both mentally and physically healthy. Rather, avoid buying these birds from private individuals. Why should you be careful? You never know if a pet is properly tame and to what conditions it is used to. The price of an African Gray Parrot fluctuates between 2,000 and 3,000. zloty. This pet is therefore one of the more expensive species of exotic birds. However, if you want a companion for decades, it is worth the expense.

The two most popular subspecies of the African Gray Parrot are beautiful in appearance. African talking parrots are undoubtedly quite demanding, but they can pay off with affection. However, the relationship must be lasting and deep, because these animals do not tolerate loneliness very well. If you want to buy a Congolese or Libyan African Gray Parrots, also take into account the longevity of the species. The pet will accompany the household members for many years, so it must be provided with appropriate conditions. If you can’t guarantee this, you’d better find another pet.